Turkish racists attack Kurdish families in Belgium

A group of Turkish racists attacked the homes of Kurds in the city of Leuven, Belgium, while they were returning from Newroz celebrations, chanting “Allah is the greatest” and raised the grey wolf salut.

Turkish racists attack Kurdish families in Belgium
25 March 2024   10:33

Videos spread on virtual social media showing a number of Kurdish families in the city of Leuven being attacked by hundreds of Turks, as they were returning from Newroz celebrations.

The Turks destroyed many vehicles and attacked dozens of people who took refuge in a house, and the scenes spread on virtual social networking sites show that the racist group is trying to enter the house while chanting “Allah is  the greatest.”

According to eyewitnesses, two racists tried to burn about 40 people who were sheltering in a house, and burned Kurdish symbols.

Half an hour later, dozens of young people from the Kurdish community in both the Netherlands and Belgium were able to reach the house and began to support the Belgian police in protecting the families.

Following the incident, the Kurdish community in the city of Leuven protested, demanding that the attackers be arrested and punished immediately. Pictures of some of the attackers were identified and published on virtual media, and a number of Kurdish youth took to the streets of Geneva and Bern, Switzerland in protest against the racist attack.