Turkish Gendarmerie  carry out crimes against Syrians

The crimes of the Turkish occupation state against the Syrians continue, as the Turkish gendarmerie crimes caused the death and injury of a number of Syrians.

Turkish Gendarmerie  carry out crimes against Syrians
20 February 2024   12:50

Since the beginning of this year, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented the killing of a child and a man, and the wounding of another child and a man by bullets and under torture, by the gendarmes of the Turkish occupation, while they were trying to cross the Syrian-Turkish border.

On January 5, a citizen from the city of Jisr al-Shughur in the Idlib countryside lost his life by gendarmes’ bullets.

On January 7, a displaced girl from the town of Qastoun was shot by gendarmes in front of her house in the town of Atma in the Idlib countryside, which led to her suffering several fractures in her leg and broken limbs.

On January 13, a young man, displaced from the northern Hama countryside, was arrested by Gendarmerie

On January 21, a 16-year-old boy from Haylin in the Hama countryside died as a result of being tortured by Gendarmerie officers and thrown into cold water under the rain for an entire night.

On February 10, members of the Turkish Gendarmerie beat up a 12-year-old child from Kafr Zeita displaced in the Hama countryside, after one of the Turkish members lured him to cross the metal wall separating Syria and Turkey near the Al-Karama camps in the Idlib countryside.