TEV DEM congratulates Yazidis on occasion of Eid êzî

The Democratic Society Movement (TEV DEM) congratulated the members of the Yazidi community and the Kurdistan people on the occasion of Izi Day, and hoped that it would be an occasion to strengthen resistance and unify positions against the conspiratorial plans and policies that are hatched against the will of the Yazidi community.

TEV DEM congratulates Yazidis on occasion of Eid êzî
14 December 2023   10:32

Today, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV DEM) issued a statement, that reads:

“On the occasion of Eid êzî, we extend our congratulations to the Yazidi community in general, our Kurdish people, all components of the region, all freedom fighters, and all the families of the martyrs.

This holiday is considered to have great historical and cultural importance, as it is considered the first holiday ever to appear in Mesopotamia, starting with knowledge of oneself and the creator of the universe, and knowledge of the value and sanctity of the sun and the moon, day and night, love of nature and man, and life between faith and trust.

The Yazidis fast for 3 days in honor of the Creator, and on the fourth day they celebrate the Eid (cejna êzî), which falls on Friday. We all hope that this holiday will become a means of goodness, peace and brotherhood among all the peoples of the region, as it was in the Mesopotamia region.

This year, the Yazidi community receives the Eid at a very important and sensitive stage. The memory of history is still full of pain and tragedies as a result of massacres and systematic extermination policies, whether in Şengal or the occupied areas of Afrin and Serêkaniyê, and what our displaced people are exposed to in the Shahba camps who are besieged by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and the Damascus government, which unlawfully prevents the entry of materials and oil to the displaced, is a crime of genocide stemming from the chauvinistic policy against the innocent displaced people.

Also, our Yazidi community in Şengal is still facing the danger of war crimes by the Turkish occupation state, and the danger of the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that is complicit with the Turkish occupation towards the Yazidis in general and Şengal in particular, and there is still difficulty in the return of the Yazidis from the camps to Şengal for partisan political purposes and the silence of the Baghdad government regarding protecting the Yazidis from these dangerous policies and violations.

The Yazidi community is a resistant and struggling society with all its segments of society, and clings to its values, its historical culture, and its religious and national holidays with all their moral standards. Celebrating the Eid this year comes with societies launching global campaigns for the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and resolving the Kurdish issue politically, and participating in and supporting these campaigns means the end of genocides and the beginning of realizing hopes for victory.

We in the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) extend our congratulations to the people of our Yazidi community, and we all hope that we will make our occasions and holidays a means of strengthening our resistance and our sacred struggle, and unifying our positions towards the conspiratorial plans and policies that are hatched against the will of our Yazidi community.

We also call on the international community and all human rights organizations concerned with protecting religious minorities everywhere to assume their responsibilities regarding the violations of the Turkish state, which is carrying out the most heinous war crimes against humanity and ethnic genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq.