Suwayda between recent developments and possible scenarios

The director of the “Intifada Media” Center in Suwayda confirmed that the Damascus government is seeking to restore its security and military presence, so it is sending reinforcements there, indicating that it wants to drag the demonstrators into escalation, and warned that the developments are open to all possibilities, and we may witness in the coming days dangerous military scenario.

Suwayda between recent developments and possible scenarios
Suwayda between recent developments and possible scenarios
2 May 2024   05:10

As-Suwayda (southern Syria) is witnessing a state of anticipation and tension. As a result of the Damascus government forces sending intensive military reinforcements over the past days and hours, amid warnings of a new wave of escalation in the region.

The Damascus government is seeking to suppress the popular movement in Suwayda, which has been going on for months, as the demands of the people of Suwayda have increased. From economic and living demands to political demands, most notably “overthrowing the regime” and implementing “administrative decentralization.”

Seeking to restore security and military presence

Journalist and director of the Intifada Media Center in Suwayda, Murhaf Al-Shaer, spoke to ANHA's agency about the recent developments, saying: “After threats to use force by Chancellor Luna Al-Shibl, and against the backdrop of the arrest of university student Danny Obaid, who was released after detaining officers and government officials, the authority sent... There are military reinforcements in Damascus, including vehicles, tanks, and buses carrying security personnel.”

 According to Al-Shaer, this comes “within the framework of restoring the security and military presence in Suwayda, after it lost its authority as a result of the influence of local factions, and which also comes in the context of finding outlets to suppress the popular uprising. The authority worked to form a judicial police from groups affiliated with it, including gangs involved in kidnapping.” “In a pre-emptive step to try to create internal strife in the governorate, the people of Suwayda, regardless of their political affiliation, are aware of the plans of the security authorities.”

The continuation of the movement is troubling the Damascus government

Regarding Damascus’s goals and motives behind this, Al-Shaer said: “What is most disturbing to the authority is the continuation of the civilized and peaceful movement in Suwayda for nine months without interruption, and the demands for political change and the implementation of International Resolution 2,254, as it tried by various means to extinguish the flame of the uprising, but it It did not succeed in this, and did not take steps that would identify the demands of the Syrians and work to solve them. Rather, it continues with economic restrictions, raising prices, and failure to accept national partners and acknowledge their responsibility for this devastation that the Syrian people are experiencing.”

Damascus is trying to drag the demonstrators into violence

Al-Shaer evaluated the timing of this move, saying: “It appears that there is Iranian pressure on some security services, especially since some of the transferred members belong to the Quds Force, according to what was stated by the Ahrar Jabal al-Arab Gathering, which is a local faction in Suwayda. The authority is also in international embarrassment for not Implementing its commitment and its inability to solve it is a fundamental cause of the Syrian problem, which prompted it to carry out this show and its intention to intervene in Suwayda to suppress the uprising, and according to security leaks, there is an intention to establish barriers, and this is what the people of Suwayda naturally reject, and to form assassination cells that may target activists and influential in the popular movement and uprising.”

The possibilities are open

Regarding the impact of this on the movement in Suwayda, Al-Shaer said: “This reflects a negative impact that may drag Suwayda into a bloody conflict with the authority if it infringes on the free will of the people. However, the mouthpiece of the people and Al Karama Square is to respond peacefully and civilized, and it has succeeded time and again in avoiding despite the fact that the authorities killed Jawad Al-Barouki, one of the peaceful demonstrators, and injured others, they deal with wisdom, awareness, and non-demagoguery, and present a free national and humanitarian model for demonstrations as long as they preserve their popular institutions, and have repeatedly demanded that the Syrian military and security elements, as citizens of their country, not obey to military confrontation orders from their officers.”

Director of the Intifada Media Center, Murhaf Al-Shaer, pointed out at the conclusion of his speech, “The possibilities are open, and we may witness in the coming days a dangerous military scenario, and this is what the spiritual leadership of the Druze Unitarian Muslim sect and the local factions in Suwayda have warned, and the response may be unexpected for the authority from the Arab Mountain, which used to crush colonialists and tyrants.”

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