“Selling illusions by fraud”

The enemies of the Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA system are using methods of defrauding the people of the region. To keep them away from the social system. Fouad Muhammad, one of the victims of these parties who revealed their true face.

“Selling illusions by fraud”
“Selling illusions by fraud”
“Selling illusions by fraud”
10 May 2024   05:10

External forces are working against building the social system in North and East Syria, by spreading division among the people of the region, especially through Internet companies that were established to seduce the youth of the region, tempt them, sell them illusions, and then fall into their traps.

One of these companies, Q-Net, was founded in 1998 in the Philippines, its capital, Manila, and then headed to the headquarters of the most important commercial centers in the world, Hong Kong. It is an unlicensed company in Syria and North and East Syria, and it provides Internet marketing services.

This company hides behind the veil of electronic network marketing, selling various traditional products. It is banned and forbidden from operating in many countries of the world. It has infiltrated countries witnessing wars and conflicts and finds them a safe haven to sell its products. It steals young people and exploits them with its temptations to make a quick profit to join it after selling them illusions.

Many people in North and East Syria fell into the trap of this company, after the company exposed them to its lies and tricks, and sold them temptations and illusions that they would become rich and possessors of influence and capital in a short time using soft and calm methods.

The company's representatives deceive the victim that he will get a lot of money in a short period, and tempt the victim by using words and terms such as "We will change your life," "You will become rich," and offering other temptations that he will get a house and a luxury car if he joins the company.


The company markets and sells, through its sweet words, illusions and promises of a prosperous life for those who join it. The company’s agents rely on appearing elegant and like a businessman, and using luxurious conference halls to play on the psychological factor.

The company's representatives and agents hide the nature of their work from the victim, do not declare it, and provide vague information about the company's work, until they trap the victim and persuade him to join them.

This is done by the company using its agents and representatives in the region, to target relatives and friends and convince them to work for the company by depositing a sum of money of no less than $2,500. If the representative’s matter is exposed, the company smuggles him abroad.

One of the conditions for joining the company is to undergo a training course conducted via an online application that extends for two months, which qualifies them for work. The course reveals what the work is and how to train new victims to lure others. They are asked to provide the names of their acquaintances to invite them to join the company, and to teach them methods of advocacy to lure others as well. The window of this company.

The victim is asked to persuade at least two people to join them, and in return he receives $225. If he fails to complete the task, he will not receive any financial income and will lose the money he paid in advance.

Fouad Muhammad, a pseudonym, for one of the victims who fell into the trap of this company, says that he was subjected to an optical illusion after receiving a call from one of his friends to work with them, and the need to secure $2,500 as a condition for joining the company.

Fouad Muhammad joined this work after trusting his girlfriend, on the condition that he would not give any information to anyone about the company’s work.

Muhammad continues his narration of the story and what happened to him: “I brought the money they asked for, then they asked me to join and get to know the company’s agents and clients, on the condition that I do not reveal any secret about my work to anyone.”

Muhammad explained that participation is through an online application: “They told me that if you are lucky, the company director will talk to you, then you will receive training for two months and you will reap huge profits, and the course that you will undergo will contribute to adding new representatives to the company, and they suggested that I read (becoming a millionaire books)

Muhammad doubted the company's credibility, and said: "They asked me to add people to the company, and this is how it will make money. They also asked me to buy their products, and the product is traditional."

After Muhammad revealed the fraudulent operations within the company, he refused to receive the products and asked for a refund of his money. He told them that you are a fraudulent company and I do not want to harm anyone.

But Muhammad's close friends, to whom he gave great trust, withdrew from the case after demanding his money back. Muhammad considers what happened to him a "stab in the back" after his companions told him that they had no business with his money.

Fouad Muhammad filed a lawsuit with the Social Justice Council in the city of Qamishlo, against the company representatives who fled to Southern Kurdistan before their matter was revealed.

Muhammad reveals that the company targets successful and distinguished people in their work within the Democratic Autonomous Administration and within their community, and the number of beneficiaries is small and the rest of those who work with them are victims after the currency is traded. He said: “The company’s representatives offer temptations to exploit people by working with them.”

Muhammad confirms that the goal is not to sell and promote products, and the fraudulent profit comes from this company by including two people in it and receiving $250 for that.

It is not yet known how many people were deceived and smuggled abroad by the company after falling into its trap, nor the number of victims who fell into this company's trap.

The security authorities in North and East Syria are completing their investigations, and the Social Justice Council referred the company’s management to investigate the matter, and called on the people of the region not to engage or work within these companies, as they are fraudulent operations and withdrawing money from subscribers, during a statement published on April 29.

The Public Prosecution at the Social Justice Council in the city of Qamishlo in al-Jazira Canton confirmed that investigations had been initiated without receiving additional information.

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