Sido: Afrin is being Turkified, Arabized, Islamized, must be speedily liberated

Interview with SIDO IBO


Dr. Kamal Sido pointed out that the people of Afrin are subjected to Arabization Turkifacation campaigns as well as fierce Islamization practiced by the Turkish occupation in Afrin, indicating that they submit periodic reports on these practices to the Human Rights Council, calling on Kurdish military and political forces to learn from past mistakes and accelerate the process of liberating Afrin.

The head of the Middle East Department of Defense of Threatened Peoples Organization, Dr. Kamal Sido’s statements came during a private interview conducted by the ANAH news agency on the recent developments in the Syrian arena and the practices of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin since the occupation of the canton on last March 18.

The following is the text of the interview

The Syrian arena is witnessing political and military volatilities, amid contradictions between "Russia, Turkey and Iran", the guarantors of Astana, around the Syrian north, the last of which was the meeting of the Russian and Turkish presidents in Sochi on September 17 following the Tehran summit, resulting in the agreement about Idlib, how do you read these volatilities?

There is news about the Turkish-Russian agreement about Idlib that the agreement is not complete and there are secret clauses that we do not know exactly. What we know from the press is that there are disagreements on the implementation of the clauses. There is an explanation for the agreed clauses on the buffer zone, will it be within the areas occupied by Turkey and extremist Islamic gangs, or within the Syrian side, which is controlled by government forces? In any case, the area and Idlib will witness fluctuations in the coming months or even in the coming weeks.

-In your opinion, where will the Russian-Turkish agreement in Sochi lead the situation of Idlib to?, and what are its consequences on the situation in Afrin?

The fate of Afrin is also linked to the developments in Idlib, because Afrin is located in the area between Idlib and other areas, "Jarablus to Azaz" controlled by Turkey and they are occupied, so the Kurds and Kurdish forces, whether YPG or political forces, must learn from past lessons, the political leadership must learn from the lessons and prepare for the next stage if there are any developments, to re-liberate Afrin and expel the Turkish occupying forces and the Islamic jihadist gangs of Turkey.

-The people of the occupied Afrin canton are subjected to systematic torture, kidnapping and killing by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, in your opinion, in what context do these practices fall?

It is not a secret that the people of Afrin have been exposed since the Turkish occupation of the canton on  March 18, there is displacement of the Kurds from the area during and after the war. About 400 thousand Muslims, Yazidis, Alawites and Christians from the Kurdish people left Afrin permanently. They live in the tents or villages of northern Aleppo "al-Shahba canton" or moved to Aleppo city.

Afrin has always been subjected to a vicious and unfair campaign of Arabization and Islamization. Afrin has always been an open haven and well-known region for peaceful co-existence between different religions, but Turkish forces and Islamist, jihadist gangs spread a culture of hatred between non-Kurdish elements and Kurds, Yazidis and Alawites in the region. More than 3,000 detainees are  imprisoned in Afrin, and the number may be 7,000. We do not know their fate. Are they in secret prisons in Afrin or have been transferred to Turkish territory or Idlib or any other region.

Everything related to the Kurdish language, Kurdish culture and Kurdish art is being abolished, of course, the schools and the university which were teaching the Kurdish language are being abolished too, even the names of the villages and streets have been canceled. Regardless of the Islamist Sharia which absolutely strange to locals is being imposed on women. There is a daily campaign of Islamization, Arabization and Turkmenization. These practices are dangerous to the future of Afrin if the occupation continues for many years, it will not be possible to restore the situation to the previous situation, we recall the situation of Arab "al-Maghmorin" in al-Jazeera, they cannot be returned, so Afrin liberation must be accelerated and the expulsion of Turkish forces and the Islamic extremist affiliates.

-The Turkish President visited Germany a few days ago and met with the German Chancellor. The two sides discussed the Syrian crisis and the issue of the Syrian refugees. During a joint press conference, the two sides described the visit as fruitful. How do you read this visit while Turkey continues its violations against Afrin?

The Turkish president visited Germany in the past few days, and we received him as they said, but our reception was by denouncing the visit to Berlin in front of the memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany. We placed a wreath in a symbolic way to commemorate the victims, displaced persons and prisoners of the Turkish attack on Afrin, because it is known that there are about 70 thousand detainees in Turkish prisons, including 150 journalists and democratically elected mayors and parliamentarians, the wreath was symbolic to commemorate all victims of Turkish politics, and we spoke with dozens of German newspapers and these activities resonated in Germany.

-What are your demands to the international community to limit the Turkish practices against the people of Afrin?

We call upon the international community and Germany, we insist on the withdrawal of Turkey from Afrin and the restoration of Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish character to the region and the return of schools and the Kurdish university, and the expulsion of the settlers, and they are not refugees, because Afrin received hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the neighboring areas peacefully and fairly. The families of the militants, the Sunni Muslims and the extremists who cooperate with Turkey, are not refugees in the region. They are occupation forces. All the settlers must be expelled. Only the displaced who are committed to a culture of coexistence and a culture of respect for women and respect for other religions must be there.

 Last speech you would like to add?

The last speech is for the Kurdish leaders in Syria is that all their previous policy must be reconsidered, because Afrin was a major disaster, and this disaster must be learned to prevent recurrence in other areas because Turkey insists on attacking the eastern Euphrates areas. "Manbij, Kobanî, Qamishlo and al-Hasakah, "and must learn from this experience, and cooperate with the rest of the forces located on the Kurdish arena and the Syrian arena, to strengthen the Autonomous Administration and stay away from everything that harms it.

And strengthen relations with parties that do not cooperate with Turkey, such as the Kurdish National Alliance and the Progressive Kurdish Party in Syria and all other parties, and move away from narrow ideological policies that harm the Autonomous Administration  , and cooperation with the Americans and Russians and everyone on a pragmatic basis to serve the interests of the people to remove the corruption.