Shahouz Hassen: Solving Syrian crisis needs democratic system

Interview with A.H

? How do you evaluate the situation of Syria after the end of IS

Shahouz Hassen pointed out that the solution of the Syrian crisis needs a democratic system, recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people and all other components. He pointed out that Turkey is obstructing the political process in Syria. He pointed out that Russia should use its influence to solve the Syrian crisis.

The victories that have been achieved are a victory for the Syrian people and a victory for all humanity because the resistance that started in Kobanî is a human resistance. We congratulate this great victory on all humanity and democratic forces and on those who played a role to end this terrorist force.

After the liberation of the city of al-Raqqa, Syria entered a new phase, opening the way for the Syrian political talks, especially that the Autonomous Administration achieved great gains at all levels, but this was not in the interest of the Turkish state, which sought to block these talks through its agreements with Russia and Iran, including the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries of Afrin, and Turkey's efforts have made the situation in Syria more difficult.

The solution to the Syrian crisis needs a democratic system, and this is what we have emphasized since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. The way to this is the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the real dialogue. The Syrian crisis has become an international crisis as a result of external interventions. This is why international balances play a role in solving this crisis. In this context, it involves building a decentralized democratic Syria, through which the Kurdish people and all other components will be able to reach their rights.

In your opinion, in order to solve the Syrian crisis, what are the fundamentals that will emerge?

The Kurdish cause is one of the most important issues, in the past the Kurds were deprived from their rights and land, but today they recognize the existence of the Kurds, but the concept of rights for them is different from our concept, what they want is the continuation of the Baathist mentality, and this is far from the concept and foundations of democracy, The rights of the Kurdish people are the consolidation of the democratic system in Syria at the same time, because the democratic system means accepting the will of the people with all its components. The Kurdish people consolidate this basis by living together with the other components, and what has been achieved in the region has created a democratic will.

Several meetings were held to resolve the Syrian crisis how do you assess their results ?

Our diplomatic activities can be assessed as good, have an impact and have been linked to the Turkish threats. As for our foreign diplomatic activities in general, our experience in northern and eastern Syria is well accepted, but the political decision in Syria combines the agreements and contradictions between America and Russia on the one hand, Turkey's effort to target the gains of the people on the other hand, and our conviction in the event of discussion of the Turkish threats we must discuss the Kurdish issue, and the question of democratization of Syria, and how to achieve that.

The second important thing is that not only will the future of the Kurds be discussed in Syria, it will be a discussion of how the experience of the Autonomous Administration in Syria will be addressed in the future, but unfortunately now there are no serious steps to resolve the Syrian crisis. The United Nations or outside it, we represent the will of a people, we are on the ground, and we are part of the political solution in Syria.

How do you evaluate the Syrian regime's statements about the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria?

The speech of Buthaina Shaaban and Turkey, and others about separation, have no credibility. Even in the most difficult circumstances, when the regime arrested our comrades, imprisoned them and killed them, we did not fight for secession. Our struggle was to resolve the Kurdish cause in Syria, which is the basis of democratic transformation in Syria, we said this in the past and say it today as well. What the Syrian regime and Turkey claims about us as the Democratic Union Party or as a Kurd that we seek separation is a big lie because our goal in Syria is a decentralized and democratic system Syria must not be centralized, one-party rule, and struggle now it is in this context, namely the consolidation of the democratic system in Syria.

What I would like to say to the Syrian regime in this context is that the Turkish state, under its agreement with Russia, intervened in Syria without the will of the Syrian regime, and occupied areas in Syria from Jrablos to Afrin, especially in Afrin. But Russia did not allow the regime even to make a statement in this context.

Therefore, if there is an influence on Russia in Syria, it should be used to solve the crises, not to allow it to allow a country that has historic enmity with the Syrian people, especially the Kurds, to occupy this country, annihilate its people .