Hamo Muskafian: Turkey is basis of instability, International Coalition must take clear position towards it

Interview with ALI HASSEN


The representative of the World Armenian Congress, Hamo Muskafian, said that since its establishment, Turkey has been the basis of instability in the region. He criticized the position of the International Coalition against IS and stressed that it is required to take a serious position towards the massacres committed by Turkey. He also called on the peoples of the region to stand together and unite to defeat Turkey which has enslaved the peoples of the region for 400 years.

In an interview conducted by Hawar news agency with the representative of the Armenian International Congress, Hamo Muskafian, he assessed the Turkish threats to northeastern Syria and confirmed that the Turkish agents who committed the massacres in Syria and Iraq went freely to Europe and stroke the stability that was witnessed there.

The following is the text of the interview:

What is the goal of Turkish President Recap Teyyip Erdogan from the threat to attack the north-east of Syria which inhabited by several peoples, including Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Syriacs and Assyrians?

Erdogan calls himself the new Sultan of the Ottoman Empire after the Sultan Abdul Hamid whose name is associated with several massacres against the peoples of this region in that period, including 300 thousand Armenians in 1896 - 1897. He sees the Syrian north and the Syrian territories in general as Ottoman lands taken from the Ottomans after losing the I World War and believes that the time has come under the pretext of fighting the Kurdish, Armenian, Syriac and Yazidi people who fought together and are considered by Erdogan as terrorists. He considers us terrorists, even though he himself is the terrorist, and seeks to threaten and frighten them with war to surrender to him or else he would launch attacks on them as he did in Afrin with the help of his Russian brother and in hidden manner, the European countries. Erdogan believes that the time is right to occupy this region and annex it to Turkey.

What parties have an interest in Turkey's attack on northeastern Syria?

The parties that have an interest in the occupation of northern Syria are Turkey's allies; some Arab countries that support the Muslim Brotherhood and have supported and provided them over the years with great funds to establish an Islamic state. These countries are interested in Turkey's occupation of this region and some countries that think superficially such as the Syrian regime, Russia and some Western countries that believe that Erdogan will attack the region, occupy and eliminate the people and then withdraw have an interest in that, knowing that Erdogan will attack to occupy the region, commit massacres against their people, and stay in that land.

 The people of north-east Syria have been fighting IS terrorism since four years, accompanied by the International Coalition, what must the International Coalition do towards these forces that have fought IS on the ground with these threats?

Unfortunately, the International Coalition's objectives have not been clear so far. What is required is a decision to impose a flying ban on this region, which I consider to be the most democratic in the Arab world since I World War because I visited this area and saw everything, ensuring the participation of everybody in the administration, studying in their own languages ​​and the equality among all the peoples of this region. The Alliance is required to take a serious attitude towards Turkey that is expert to commit massacres, directly or through its mercenary gangs of the rest of the peoples. Everyone knows how Turkey used the mercenaries of the peoples of the region during the First World War to exterminate the people of the Christian religion and then made time for them and committed the massacres against them as well.

The areas occupied by Turkey in Syria; Jarabulus, al-Bab, Azaz, Idlib and Afrin, witness a bad security state. Is Turkey a destabilizing element in the region or not?

Since the establishment of the Turkish Republic by the butcher Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who exterminated our Armenian people and till today, Turkey has been the basis of instability in the region. The European countries must be well aware that thousands of Turkish agents after committing massacres in the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria fled to Germany, France and other European countries. Here, we see that they have also struck the stability in Europe and committed acts of looting, murdering operations. Those agents who have committed massacres from Central Asia and the Middle East to Eastern Europe have traveled freely to Europe.

How do you assess the silence of the United Nations so far against the Turkish attacks on Jarabulus, al-Bab and the other areas of Syria?

The United Nations has always been silent about the massacres committed against the people. After the massacres carried out, it made statements. The only time the United Nations intervened was in the 1950s during the Cuban missile crisis, then it intervened to prevent a nuclear war. The continued silence of the United Nations increases the massacres committed against peoples.


The Armenians are among the peoples that suffered from the Ottoman Empire and its massacres. What is their position towards the Turkish threats to northeastern Syria where the Armenians are also present?

The Armenians were the people who suffered the massacres many times at the hands of Turkey and its mercenaries. According to the 1911th referendum, Turkey had 11 million people, including 4 million Armenians, but after the end of the First World War, the number of the Armenians has been less than one million because Turkey killed many of them. Thanks to the Kurdish people who saved many Armenians from massacres. Today, as we see in northern Syria, the Kurds, the Arabs, the Armenians, the Syriacs, the Assyrians and the Yezidis live together because I visited northern Syria twice and met all the peoples there.

What is required of the peoples of the region to stand against such threats?

What is required of the peoples of the region is to stand together and unite the historic unity to achieve victory over Turkey which has enslaved the peoples of the region for 400 years and now wants to regain control of the Middle East as well as Europe. Erdogan, who has relations with Kosovo, Albania and other countries, trains clients to implement his plans to build his empire, as Christians, Muslims and Zoroastrians must be one hand in the face of Erdogan.