Anwar Muslim: World must revolt for Afrin like Kobanî



The co-chair of the Executive Council of Kobanî canton Anwar Muslim said that the people of the world must see what is happening in Afrin and undertake their responsibility for the brutal practices, demanding the world states to revolt supporting Afrin, as happened on the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî.

On the fourth anniversary of the declaration of the first of November as an International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî, the co-chair of the Executive Council of Kobanî canton Anwar Muslim spoke on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî to discuss the role of the resistance in defining the Kurdish Cause and the promises fulfilled by the organizations in the process of  reconstruction, as well as imposing isolation on the leader Ocelan by Turkey after the victory of the resistance in Kobanî and the start of occupation of Afrin.

The following is the text of the dialogue:

The resistance in Kobanî supported by communities in dozens of countries all over the world on the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî, what is the role of that resistance in the definition of the Kurdish Cause to the world?

As we all know, the Kurds are of the main components whose roots have been struck for thousands of years in the depth of history, no one can deny this fact, but unfortunately, the Kurds, wherever they were, were facing the smelting policy pursued by the occupied governments to Kurdistan.

The resistance in Kobanî has been a major factor in highlighting the Kurds and their cause for the whole world. Therefore, the attack launched by IS on Kobanî and the fighters' confrontation this attack in a small geographical area showed to the world the approach of the Kurds, and the world knows more about the civilization and history of this people.

There were fears of repeating Şengal massacre in Kobanî, but the world was astonished at the women who resisted in the brutal attack of Daesh even to blow themselves up so that Kobanî would not fall under the control of IS so the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî on the first of November 2014 was announced when hundreds of cities in 93 countries around the world revolted and declared their solidarity with the resistant fighters in the city, or it is possible to say that their solidarity is the solidarity with the Kurdish people and its democratic nation project.

What role did the Kurds of North Kurdistan played in the victory of the resistance in Kobanî?

When we say the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî, we must not forget before that the solidarity of the four parts of Kurdistan with the resistance in Kobanî and in particular North Kurdistan. Everybody of them supported the fighters who were stationed in the city at the time. Women, children and the elderly went to the streets and expressed their solidarity with Kobanî.

We and the world will not forget the massive demonstrations that marched through dozens of Kurdish and Turkish cities during the battle in Kobanî. The people there said that it is enough for injustice and enough to massacres, and they wanted good to humanity, even that the Turkish security has suppressed those demonstrations and killed dozens of demonstrators. It can be said that the people of North Kurdistan have played a big role in defeating IS in Kobanî.

After the liberation of Kobanî and the return of the people, dozens of international organizations pledged to contribute to the reconstruction process, to what extent they have played their role in that process, and have they largely fulfilled their promises or not?

When we talk about the International Day of Solidarity with Kobanî, it is important to mention the communities that have expressed their support for resistance in the face of terrorism. On the other hand, after the liberation of the city, the reconstruction of the city had to begin.

In fact, about the organizations that claimed that they would contribute to the reconstruction of the city, I say with all the sorry that nothing has been applied to them on the ground. there were just fake and baseless promises, regardless of some of the very few institutions and organizations that kept their promises.

The people of Kobanî have severely suffered and they have made reconstruction operations by themselves. They joined together with the Autonomous Administration to build their city again. There are still many places damaged by the battle and we have not been able to repair them till now.

Is the general alarm launched by the leader Ocelan has an impact on the victory of the resistance in Kobanî, and can the isolation on the leader after that be linked with the campaign launched by Turkey on Afrin? Why did not the world revolt for Afrin when it was subjected to the Turkish invasion, like Kobanî?

Unfortunately, we are at a very complicated stage and the international community deliberately turns a blind eye to some of the issues. The isolation that has been imposed on leader Abdullah Ocelan for years which is still continuing till today and the prevention of lawyers from visiting him are contrary to the principles of human rights.

In addition to these inhumane practices, there is an abnormal attack on Afrin by several countries. There are daily demographic changes and the elimination of nature in that area. What is more terrible is the elimination of the culture of the people in that occupied area.

It is a criticism of itself for the international community and for all the world states. They must see what is happening in occupied canton of Afrin by a state that has supported IS mercenaries for years that have been a danger to the world. They must realize that Afrin protected humanity by resisting the Turkish state's terrorism for 58 years. Every day, the peoples of the world must revolt for Afrin.

Is there a last word you prefer to say?

It is a principle of the peoples to join together as they did four years ago. It was a great thing. We want the world to be introduced to North Syria components' project better. Communities must always prefer to support the oppressed all over the world.

We salute all the peoples that came out years ago to support the historic resistance in Kobanî, and we consider it a victory for humanity. We bow in tribute to the blood of the martyrs who have sacrificed their most precious possessions in order to lift the danger from the world.