​​​​​​​ Al-Qatrib: Ocalan is one of key important drives of revolutionary struggle in ME

Interview with ​​​​​​​ Al-Qatrib

Dr. Fuad Al-Qatrib praised the struggle of the leader Abdullah Ocalan behind bars in Imrali, and deemed his depth in the uncodified history, a milestone. He affirmed that he is one of the few in the world who transformed the prison into a cultural, research and study center.

The Kurdish people, friends and believers in his thought, celebrate on April 4 the leader's birth.

 Dr. Fouad Al-Qatrib believes that Ocalan is one of the few in the world who has transformed the prison into a cultural, research and study center.

The academic and intellectual, is from the Syria's Salamiyah. He has lived for decades in France, and a democratic opposition advocate for freedom and justice, explains in an interview with ANHA agency: “When I read Ocalan's works, I found that he was the first Middle Eastern intellectual-thinker to talk about a democratic, ethical, pre-state society.”  

Al-Qatrib confirms that Ocalan was one of the first in the Middle East to see the Middle East with its whole Mesopotamian and agricultural revolution (the first revolution in human history that is the basis of human civilization).

Fouad Al-Qatrib also confirmed that the February 15 Plot aimed to hinder Ocalan's Middle Eastern thought, and said: "Ocalan is the voice of freedom, justice and the societal revolution that began ten years ago in the Middle East."

The following is the text of the interview:

• How do you evaluate the struggle of the leader Ocalan?

The great thinker and fighter Abdullah Ocalan is a milestone in the history of Kurdish cause in the Middle East. He is the first revolutionary fighter to develop an ideological-political theory of the Kurdish cause, I call it Ocalanism. He founded for this struggle a well-known revolutionary tool, the PKK. Other political movements were formed, including the Peoples' Democratic Party, the HDP in Turkey.

Ocalan is a Turkish Kurdish person; He devoted his life not only to the cause of his Kurdish people, but to all the peoples of the Middle East. Since he was young, he has been involved in the intellectual and political struggle of Turkey and the Middle East, and although he has been imprisoned for 22 years, his struggle continues; this is a rare case in the history of revolutionary fighters.

• How do you see Ocalan's new reading of the Middle East and his key role in the human civilization, especially in the pre-Sumerian stage, and the concept of the state, the causes, conditions, and mechanism of its birth, and its reflection on man, society and the environment?

I consider that Ocalan is a thinker and has a philosophy that I call Ocalanism (and the thinker produces new thought, such as Gibran Khalil Gibran, Ali Shariati, Marx, Guevara and other thinkers).

When I read Ocalan's works, I found that he was the first Middle Eastern intellectual-thinker to talk about the ethical democratic society before the state; the Sumerian invading state. He was the first to compare pre-state and post-state, the Sumerian state or the stage of statehood that began with the birth of the Sumerian state and the pre-state state in the East. The middle is between societal and state.

Of course, the new statehood that began with the Sumerian state is different from the previous international experiences (the city-kingdoms) relative to a city, such as the Kingdom of Ugarit or Mari. And .. and .., all the way to the modern state, which is the continuation of the Sumerian state.

Ocalan was one of the first see the Middle East with Mesopotamian totality and agricultural revolution that is basis of human civilization.

This great revolution gave birth to the complex Sumerian invading settler state, which was historically cut off from the pre-state societal stage rich in its historical lessons in politics, administration, economics and social relations.

Another point to be counted for Ocalan, his focus on the pre-Sumerian scriptural stage, so to speak. He opens the door wide to the stage of oral culture, which he considers the reservoir of Middle Eastern culture, which is no less important than the fields of oil, gas and gold. And phosphates, and ... and ... and ...

This very important point expects Ocalan's students and other intellectuals to delve into it, and find research and studies center for pre-Sumerian culture without nationalism and ethnicity. Because it is the necessary ground for the forthcoming just Middle Eastern ethical community that Ocalan called for.

• You are well-informed of how Ocalan was handed over to Turkey 22 years ago. In your opinion, what is the reason?

Yes, the American-Turkish-Zionist-global plot aimed not only at destroying the will of the Kurdish and Middle Eastern revolutionary struggle, especially the Palestinian, but mainly at blocking the path of the Ocalani Middle Eastern ideology whose features crystallized in revolutionary Middle Eastern struggles that threaten global imperialist interests, especially the American ones. Global Zionism, the Israeli Zionist entity in occupied Palestine, the military governments in Turkey and the region, the family reactionary regimes in the Gulf and the religious in Iran, because Ocalan understood early that the solution to the Kurdish and Palestinian issue is linked to the Middle Eastern societal democratic revolution on the one hand, and the struggle against global imperialism and its Zionist arm on the other hand.

Ocalan's arrest was a necessity to hinder the struggle process for the peoples of the Middle East, especially that the Kurdish people's struggle, was one of the most important engines of the Middle Eastern revolutionary struggle, and when I say revolutionary, I do not necessarily mean armed struggle, and discussing this issue needs to be done. More space than an article, I hope we find time in the future to shed more light on it.

• Despite the difficult conditions in Imrali prison, the leader continues his struggle to solve the outstanding problems in the Middle East. How do you see this struggle? Q: In your opinion, what is the change, Ocalan's through, philosophy, which spread in the form of pleadings?

Ocalan has turned prison into a cultural, research and study center, and this resentment has turned into a blessing despite the oppression, confiscation of freedom and ... and ... and ..

Ocalan was not restrained psychologically and voluntarily as the delusions of those who plotted against him, and the Kurdish struggle was not extinguished.

Regardless the effects of Ocalan's arrest on the PKK. Ocalan's great revolutionary will managed to pursue his intellectual and struggle path from prison, and to conduct the most important revisions of his intellectual, philosophical and political thought, and thus gradually gave birth to Ocalanism from my point of view.

Ocalanism is characterized by moral integrity first, because he is one of the few militant thinkers in the world who had the courage to confront the struggle with a humility that resembles the humility of the sages and mystics.

Through my reading of Ocalan's thought in prison, I found a mature thinker rich in his culture and knowledge of international intellectual and philosophical schools on the one hand, and the history of the Kurdish people in the Middle East on the other hand (this does not mean that what he has reached is a sacred doctrine, but rather a thought subject to discussion, criticism, development and enrichment) I am open to reality, the future, and criticism, and this is one of his beautiful, tempting aspects to read.

The main issues of Ocalanism are the just Kurdish cause and its relationship to the Turkish and Middle Eastern societal democratic revolution.

A democratic, ethical, political, fair, and political society in the Middle East that is not state (federal) self-administration that is not nationalistic, clan, religious, or sectarian, and ... and ... and ...

The saying of the democratic and pluralistic nation ; The saying of the dialectical relationship between the state and society and its relationship to the revolution with the societal democratic revolution; The issue of women, gender equality and de-masculinity as a central issue in the struggle for a just, democratic, Middle Eastern society; The participatory economic system that is reconciled with the environment and freed from the hegemony of capital and global American-Zionist capitalism.  

Of course, this quick article cannot be concluded without recalling Ocalan's criticism of his Marxist struggle experience and his philosophical transfer to Hegelianism, and his criticism of the socialist experience in the former Soviet Union and the socialist camp (Soviet socialism as the late Yassin Al-Hafiz called it).

Greetings of love and respect to Ocalan, the thinker and humanitarian revolutionary fighter, and to all free detainees in Turkish, Syrian and Israeli prisons in particular, and the Middle East in general.

 Ocalan is the voice of freedom, justice and societal revolution that began ten years ago in the Middle East, and is still continuing despite the military and militarism in Syria, Islamists, the Gulf, Turkish and Iranian religious regimes, and global capitalism.