Al-Qaftan: Turkey threatens Europe again with terrorists if any campaign launched in Idlib

Interview with ANHA


The head of Future Syria Party Ibrahim al-Qaftan, said that Turkey had threatened four European countries during the last Istanbul meeting to export terrorism if Idlib campaign began, pointing out that Turkey is trying to legitimize the occupation through using of some Syrians.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) held an interview with the head of the Future Syria Party Ibrahim al-Qaftan, talking about the latest developments in Idlib areas.

The dialogue is as follows:

Despite the Russian-Turkish agreement in Idlib area, to what does the ongoing escalation between the Syrian regime and the other groups in Idlib refer as the latest of which was the bombing of terrorist gangs in Aleppo by chemical gas?

On the subject of using the chemical weapons, everyone throws the ball at the other party. The groups accuse the Syrian regime and the regime accuses the terrorist gangs. It does not matter who did that, but who was the victim? The victims are the people of Syria, whether from this party or that. Everyone wants to criminalize the other and make the people of Syria the victims of their project. They kill the Syrian people to accuse each other. Now, we are not to prosecute whoever did so, but we are concerned about why to be done. All acts that are taking place in Syria are for the interests of foreign countries and to raise the number of the killed.

As for the issue of Idlib, unfortunately we are afraid that the crisis will be prolonged, especially with the Turkish presence. We always say that Turkey should be positive towards the Syrian crisis, but what has been proved in the past eight years is the opposite. It practiced negatively towards Syria and the good example of this is its occupation of Afrin which has been turned from a safe area into an unstable area and Turkey wants chaos to return to North Syria's areas.

Russia is a partner of the Syrian regime since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, during the recent period there were inconsistencies between the Russian statements and the statements of the Syrian regime on the fate of Idlib, are these statements is misleading media or is there really differences between the parties?

I always say that the countries are not charities. The states are interests. When Russia sees its interest with the Syrian government, it does not only defend the Syrian government, but it defends its interests in Syria. There is no permanent enmity among the countries, there is no lasting peace; rather, there are permanent interests. Only countries seek their interests, but we, as the children of Syria, have our own interests. We have to seek our interest; our interest today is to stop the bloodshed. Yes, there is a disagreement between Russia and Turkey, but there are embassies and consulates, and there are intersections. Meetings are held between all parties in Syria without exception to protect their interests. There is no dispute between the state and another state, but there is a dispute over the interests. The people of Syria have to know that.

The Syrian people also have to see their interests through the intersection with the states. We in the north and east of Syria have intersections with the International Alliance and all our intersections are to serve the Syrian people, and the greatest proof is fighting against IS' mercenaries who used to kill the people with all forms of murder so we intersect to serve the Syrian people and in fact, this has been achieved. We will always pursue this path.

The President Putin and the permanent representative of the Syrian regime at the United Nations headquarters, Bashar al-Jaafari, directly attacked Turkey in separate statements, Turkey has failed to control the terrorist gangs existed in Idlib, do statements indicate a close military operation?

Yes, Bashar al-Jaafari attacked Turkey, and the question here is why al-Jaafari did not attack Turkey when it attacked Afrin. Why did not they fight against IS' mercenaries in Deir-ez-Zor and al-Raqqa and expelled them, and why Russia withdraws its forces from the areas of Afrin and Kafer Jannah to open the gate for the Turks to enter Afrin.  Will the statements of Putin and al-Jaafari will return the children of Syria who were killed because of them. If the Syrian regime and Russia threaten Turkey, they should withdraw their embassies from Turkey and say we do not recognize this occupier that occupied part of our territory. Words have no longer been useful, we want real result, whether from the Syrian government or Russia or from Turkey. We, the Syrian people, want a real result and do not want to play with the emotions of the Syrian people.

If the parties really want to see a solution to the Syrian crisis, they must hold Geneva in Damascus, Homs or Qamishlo, and the other platforms that are held abroad must be held in Aleppo, Ain Issa or Daraa. Why we go abroad to solve our crisis or the Syrian crisis? Why are not the platforms held inside Syria. If they really believe that the dialogue that took place in Ain Issa is a Syrian-Syrian national, they must send their representatives to dialogue and ask what they want? We asked in the past period to have an unconditional dialogue with the regime, whoever wants to solve the crisis does not put conditions. We hold dialogues on the basis of basic conditions of democracy, freedom, decentralization and equality among the Syrian people.

In your opinion, the Turkish state's attacks on the north and east of Syria are to mislead the public opinion and hide its failure in Idlib?

Turkey said that it will enter Manbij city, Tel-Abyed and Kobani and etcetera, and there has been a request of the elements of Euphrates Shield and others gangs, what did you do? So it carried out this process to be an outlet for the people of Syria to kill the people of Syria. Everyone began to say that there is a process on the north-east of Syria and whoever chants this slogan wants the killing of the Syrian people for themselves to live.

The groups which are existed in Turkey and which are working for Turkey's interests must say, "We are going to sit down with the people of North and East Syria, we will not fight our people and we will not kill our people. We did not think to require the removal of Bashar al-Assad to accept dialogue, as the opposition did, we want to deny this mindset and cancel it. The change of the person and bringing another that has the same mentality will not change anything.

What is the fate of Idlib and what surprises may take place?

Nothing will happen in Idlib. At Istanbul Conference which brought together four countries; Russia, Germany, France and Turkey, Turkey threatened Europe that if the war began in Idlib, it would send 5 million terrorists to Europe again.

I think that there will be no campaign except within international consensus. What is happening in Idlib is a process of the hit and run till the elimination of some terrorist gangs such as Jabhet al-Nusra and Heyat Tahrir al-Sham. Idlib will not have any campaign, Idlib will remain in a false stability as the Syrian regime does to bring some companies for the reconstruction in the area, and it will not be a stable area if the collaboration with the north and east of Syria and the Syrian center would not take place.

What is the fate of Turkey in Syria, where there is a geography occupied by it?

Turkey did not occupy the Syrian territory itself, but used some Syrians to legitimize its project, and the other thing that Turkey wants to tell the international community is "I am a strong country in this area." Whoever support Turkey in Syria are in fact some of the people of Syria and they form the bridge crossing for the Turkish project in Syria. As for its imperial expansionist project, we will not accept that empire in the Syrian territories.

Therefore, we have to address the people of Syria to know what projects are carried out in the region and how to manage them and for the interest of whom. If they are for the interest of the Syrians, there is no objection to that, but if not, we must always think that our affiliation is Syrian and that our affiliation is national.