Parties and organizations in NE Syria preparing for elections

Parties and organizations in the NE Syria are preparing to participate in the municipal elections expected to be held at the end of next May.

Parties and organizations in NE Syria preparing for elections
24 April 2024   11:47

Municipal elections will be held in NE Syria on May 30, and according to the Autonomous-Administratipn system and the election law, the co-chair system is applied in all administrations.

During these elections, co-chairs of municipalities and members of local councils will be elected, and according to the Social Contract, the percentage of women’s representation in the elections is 50 percent.

The election law stipulates that every area with a population of 10,000 people or more has its own municipality, while the number of members in a municipality that includes 10,000 people is 16 members, and the number of members of a municipality in areas with a population of 1 million people or more is 50 male and female members.

There are currently 121 municipalities in the NE  Syria, but according to the current situation, the number of municipalities is likely to increase, and the Peoples’ Democratic Concil will soon approve the administrative divisions law that determines the final number of municipalities.

The High Elections Commission will announce the electoral program or calendar following the approval of this law, which is expected to be approved within a short period, after which it will begin receiving applications for candidacy.

In this context, parties and organizations that meet the legal requirements according to the social contract and have the right to participate in the elections are preparing to participate in them.

Within this framework, candidates are determined, while some parties and formations hold preliminary elections to determine their candidates. 43 parties in the region have obtained a license so far and are entitled to run in the elections, while 27 parties have not yet obtained a license.

The Political Parties Affairs Committee in the Autonomous Administration gave the parties until April 1 to obtain licenses, but extended the deadline

The Democratic Union Party and Kongra Star announced earlier that they would run in the elections with one list, but meetings between the parties are continuing, so the number of parties and organizations in this list may increase.

The owners of this list will hold preliminary elections to determine its candidates, and women’s representation in it will reach 50 percent.

The Future Syria Party and the Zenobia Women's Gathering also announced that they would run in the elections and began preparing.