Panorama of week: Syria is on verge of multi-sided war, Turkish opposition revives

The Israeli strike that targeted the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital changes the current rules of engagement and paves the way for stronger and broader military responses between Iran and Israel, which may put Syria on the threshold of a multi-party war, while the local elections in Turkey surprised the Justice and Development Party AKP, which has witnessed an unprecedented decline since it took office. took power in the country 22 years ago.

Panorama of week: Syria is on verge of multi-sided war, Turkish opposition revives
7 April 2024   08:01

Over the past week, Arab newspapers covered the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus and the local elections in Turkey, in addition to the tensions between Israel and Washington.

There are no red lines before Israel targets Revolutionary Guard leaders in Syria

Starting with the Israeli bombing that targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus, where the London-based Al-Arab newspaper believes that targeting one of the prominent leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in his country’s consulate in the Syrian capital, reveals that Israel is working to liquidate the leaders of the Revolutionary Guard, whether they are present in secret headquarters or inside the headquarters. diplomat.

Observers believe that Israel does not take into account "red lines", including the bombing of diplomatic headquarters, in its attacks on the activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah in Syria.

In another report by the newspaper, entitled “Syria emerges from the cycle of civil war to become a regional battlefield,” it explains that Iranian support for the Damascus government helped it survive, but is now dragging it to become a party in a wide conflict between Iran and the West in general, and Israel and the United States in particular.

Observers point out that any Iranian escalation against Israeli military or diplomatic targets may lead the United States to intervene. It will find the climate conducive to launching backbreaking strikes on pro-Iranian groups carrying out operations from Syria and Iraq against the American presence in the two countries.

Local elections in Turkey: Retirees punish the ruling party and the opposition revives

Under this title, Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper referred to the local elections in Turkey, which surprised all political parties, followers and observers, led by the ruling Justice and Development Party, which witnessed an unprecedented decline since it assumed the reins of power in the country 22 years ago.

The newspaper says, "The local elections resulted in the victory of the Republican People's Party throughout Turkey and in the largest cities, at a time when the Justice and Development Party lost cities and towns where it had never lost before."

With a quick look at the election results, three basic reasons for the Justice and Development Party’s loss become clear. The first reason relates to the significantly declining economic situation that affected the purchasing power of citizens and the rise in prices. The second reason relates to alliances that took place between the Republican People’s Party and the Kurdish “Dem” Party, which voted extensively. For Republican People's candidates in major cities, especially Istanbul.

The third reason can be attributed to the rise of the Welfare Party once again, which was able to extract the votes of the Islamic conservatives, and reached a good percentage that influenced the Justice and Development Party.

According to Egyptian sources, Cairo also expresses its annoyance at the tension occurring between the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and the resistance factions, especially Hamas. While an official call took place between the Egyptian Foreign Minister and the Palestinian Prime Minister, “lengthy contacts at the intelligence level took place in the past hours, which included an emphasis on adhering to the language of calm and not exaggerating the escalation of the dispute at the present time, while postponing any talks about the next day in Gaza until After stopping the war,” according to Egyptian sources.

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