Panorama of the week: Trend towards escalation in Gaza; Erdogan abandons his support for Jerusalem

Observers said that the failure of the Damascus government to address economic problems created new conflicts and demonstrations in Syria, despite its declaration of control over the situation, while reports indicate that Israel is determined to go to war in light of an American plan aimed at ending the war, but on the condition of ending Hamas’ rule in Gaza and extending power. There, while Erdogan abandoned support for the Palestinian cause, which he had always exploited to achieve his goals and interests.

Panorama of the week: Trend towards escalation in Gaza; Erdogan abandons his support for Jerusalem
22 Decemberember 2023   00:01

Arab newspapers published during the past week touched on the economic crises in the areas of the Damascus government, in addition to the escalation between Hamas and Israel, the path of this escalation, and the regional and international positions on it.

Syria's economic problems create new conflicts

Starting with the Syrian issue, and in this context, Al-Arab newspaper saw that the Damascus government’s earlier announcement of its control over the situation and the recovery of large areas of land did not end the protests and conflicts in the country, and attributed the reason behind this to the Damascus government’s inability to provide economic solutions to the deep crisis. In the country, it touched, for example, on the popular protests and demonstrations in Suwayda.

Israel is determined to go to war

The majority of Arab newspapers focused on developments in Gaza, and in this context, the Lebanese Al-Jumhuriya Newspaper indicated that Israel does not seem willing to stop the war in Gaza before exhausting its goals. Benjamin Netanyahu and his staff believe that the unprecedented Western support they are receiving will give them a (historic) opportunity to liquidate the Palestinian cause. The Israelis have long been waiting for an excuse to monopolize the Gaza Strip and change its political, security, geographic and demographic reality, as it is the last link of the old plan decreed to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

American scheme

The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper touched on the American position on the escalation and indicated that the United States of America has a plan to end the escalation in Gaza, which includes several stages, all of which revolve around returning the Palestinian Authority institutions and forces to the Gaza Strip, dissolving all institutions run by Hamas and handing them over to the Palestinian Authority, which will receive support to strengthen its forces. The military sector in the sector and its management militarily, security and administratively.

Calm Erdogan instead of aggressive Erdogan

Regarding the Turkish position on these developments, Al-Arab newspaper indicated that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in contact with leaders in the region regarding stopping the escalation in Gaza, but with a lack of stance compared to what he was doing in the past of verbal attacks on Israel and support for Hamas, in direct connection. With the change in Turkish interests and Erdogan’s bets, this comes at a time when observers say that Erdogan today has become a ghost of the aggressive Erdogan who was turning the world around in victory for Hamas and Gaza, and that the matter is related to changing interests, calculations and alignments before the new escalation in Gaza.

In contrast to the previous noise that Erdogan made by criticizing Israeli policies, his current speech has become calm, since the meeting between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly.

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