Panorama of the week: Leaders in Damascus support kidnapping gangs, Gaza for further escalation

Reports indicated that security forces in the Damascus government are involved in supporting armed gangs that practice kidnapping, looting, and imposing royalties, while developments in Gaza are heading toward further escalation at a time when Washington is seeking to find alternatives to ruling Gaza after Hamas, while Turkey is seeking to protect its interests in Libya.

Panorama of the week: Leaders in Damascus support kidnapping gangs, Gaza for further escalation
5 November 2023   05:01

Arab newspapers published during the past week touched on the chaos in the Damascus government areas, in addition to the escalation in Gaza and the American position on it, in addition to the Turkish movements in Libya.

Damascus security leaders protect gangs and impose royalties

Starting with the Syrian issue, and in this context, Al-Arab newspaper indicated that security leaders affiliated with the Damascus government are exploiting their influence in order to accumulate profits illegally, by establishing connections with armed gangs that practice kidnapping and looting, or by imposing royalties on civilians.

Increasing escalation in Gaza

Regarding the escalation in Gaza, the Lebanese Al-Jumhuriya newspaper indicated that the bloodbath in Gaza will continue strongly during the next few weeks, and as an indication of the expected brutality, the Pentagon withdrew a high-ranking officer who had been assigned to the Israeli military operations room along with other officers. However, the officer who was withdrawn had previously held the position of head of the Special Operations Command of the Naval Forces during the war in the invasion of Iraq, and he has great experience in managing the Iraqi urban war, having undertaken many battles, the most important of which are Fallujah and Mosul. This general supported the use of targeted air strikes as an alternative to engaging in open ground combat.

Washington is looking for potential alternatives to governing Gaza

Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, in its turn, indicated that the administration of President Joe Biden is making various efforts in light of the war in Gaza, amid reports of sending special American units to Israel to potentially intervene in the rescue operations of hostages held by Hamas, and to find possible alternatives to it to rule the Strip.

Turkey seeks to protect its interests in Tripoli, Libya

Al-Arab newspaper also touched on the Turkish role in Libya and saw that Turkey has recently been seeking to further consolidate its relations with the outgoing national unity government in Libya, through the exchange of visits and consultations on a number of files, in a move that, according to observers, reflects Turkey’s interest in protecting its interests in Tripoli.

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