Omar: We must rely on Syrians and UN resolutions to resolve Syrian crisis

Amina Omar congratulated all Syrians for the fourth conference of the Syrian Democratic Council, and stressed the necessity of relying on the Syrian people, and UN resolutions to resolve the Syrian crisis with the will of the Syrians.

Omar: We must rely on Syrians and UN resolutions to resolve Syrian crisis
20 December 2023   12:14

Today, the work of the Fourth Syrian Democratic Council Conference began at the Happy Land Restaurant, in Raqqa Canton of NE Syria region, under the slogan “The unity of Syrians is the basis of the political solution and a guarantee for achieving a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria.”

The fourth work of the Syrian Democratic Council began with a speech by the co-chair delivered by Amina Omar, who said: “We are holding our fourth conference in very difficult circumstances globally and locally, and the blockage of a political solution resulting from the tyranny of the regime with the absence of effective political forces leading the solution in Syria and the reflection of the crisis of the global system and its complexities on the Syrian crisis.”

Amina Omar explained: “We Syrians are still looking forward to stop the war and bringing peace and stability to our country, with our conviction that the solution will only be with Syrian will and a Syrian decision independent of external agendas, whether regional or international.”

Amina Omar affirmed: “Our conviction is that a political solution can't advance without relying on the Syrian people and their living forces, and on UN resolutions that guarantee the achievement of a democratic transition and stability in Syria, which can contribute to solve many of the problems of the Middle East.”

Amina Omar stated: "We believe that our agreement, as Syrians, on a Syrian national project will be a glimmer of hope for a solution in Syria. Therefore, we have adopted a democratic decentralized Syria project whose construction is based on a comprehensive national identity and the rights of all components of the Syrian people in all their forms."

Amina Omar pointed out that: “Between our third conference in 2018 and this conference, developments took place on the Syrian scene that give us a strong motivation to continue building after achieving victories over the terrorist organization ISIS and establishing Autonomous-Administration, and we see the necessity of making adjustments in the structure of the Syrian Democratic Council, so that it becomes a bearer of a political structure that establishes a comprehensive national, democratic, Syrian alternative, which is represented by emphasizing the start of the national issue as a strategic priority to reach a solution to the outstanding social issues, including the issues of the rights of the components.”

Amin Omar continued: “This strategic choice is represented by the secular, democratic solution and the decentralized political system, as it is an objective and political condition dictated by the existing circumstances internationally and regionally and imposed by the circumstances of the war that the country went through. It has produced a conflict that could continue if it was managed in the same way that was evident in the conflict between tyranny and extremism.

From Vienna, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riyad Darar, delivered a speech via the Zoom application, in which he greeted the guests and members of the conference, and stated: “We were unable to attend for known reasons.”

Riyad Darar said: “I was honored to work for the past few years, in the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, since the inception of the Syrian Democratic Council and it has a wealth of experience .”

Dirar stressed that they chose another path during the Syrian crisis to achieve the goals, and called for more cooperation and cohesion, so that there would be effective components of the Syrian people in this region, contributing to the political experience to resolve the Syrian crisis, through the formation of parties and organizations without restrictions.

The activities of the fourth conference continue with a cinematic showing of the entire work of the Syrian Democratic Council, followed by a speech by the Syrian Democratic Forces, delivered by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, via a video.