Local sources from the area reported that frequent explosions were heard this evening, Friday, coming from Al-Hamran vil..

The statement, which was read by the Member of the Clans’ Notables of Afrin, Jumaa Welo, came after the gathering ..

Co-chair of the Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Joan Mustafa, noted that the new c..

Available information signify that the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, have captured a third ISIS mercenary element i..

The popular resistance put up by the defiant people in such dire living conditions was hailed by the SDF commander'&..

After the Syrian Revolution was transformed into an armed struggle, abductions and arbitrary arrests were on the rise by..

Nadine Maenza posted a tweet on her Twitter webpage, in which she said, “Nasr al-Hariri is a representative of ter..

Yesterday, the Head of the so-called "National Coalition of Revolution and Opposition Forces" mercenaries affi..

Since moments, the Turkish occupation army is shelling the villages of Beneh and Keshta in Sherawa district in Afrin occ..

Newroz Uysal, Faik Ozgur Erol, Cengiz Yurekli and Mazlum Dinç all visited the Turkish Public Prosecution at the B..

A rocket shelling was carried out by the Syrian Government Forces at the very early hours of the day on some areas in th..

Every species of the heavy machinery is being used by the Turkish Occupation Forces (mortars, 57 shells, tanks T-22CNRA ..

Francesc de Dalamses deputy and spokesperson for the Foreign Relations of the Juntos Por Cataluña Party, in an in..

The Turkish occupation state inaugurated Anatolia Cultural Center in Afrin on January 30, and this is a new attempt to o..

On the news that ISIS mercenaries launched an attack on three women working for the Afghan TV channel, journalists in no..