Manbij woman demand that Leader Ocalan's status be revealed amid the earthquakes

In a statement, the women of Manbij canton demanded that the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan be revealed after the numerous earthquakes that struck Turkey and stressed the need to end the isolation imposed on the leader.

Manbij woman demand that Leader Ocalan's status be revealed amid the earthquakes
24 February 2024   17:52

On Saturday, the women of Manbij canton made a statement demanding the disclosure of the status of leader Abdullah Ocalan, whose ambiguity increased after several earthquakes and earthquakes that occurred in areas surrounding Imrali Prison. The statement was read in front of the Civil Administration building in the city center by Sanaa Rajab, the co-chair of the Women’s Committee, and it said:

 It is no longer a secret to anyone that the main reason for the severe isolation and torture practiced against the leader and thinker Abdullah Ocalan is primarily due to the failure of the forces of global hegemony and capitalist modernity to achieve the goals for which they established the global conspiracy against the leader.”

The statement explained, "As a result of Turkey's location on a major seismic fault line in the world, Turkey was hit by two earthquakes in the Kemlik district, which is close to Imrali prison in the Mediterranean. The first occurred at dawn last Monday, and the second earthquake occurred on Friday, February 24, 2024, with a strength of 4.1 degrees, according to what was stated." Scientists and experts, Turkey is vulnerable to aftershocks, an earthquake, and a devastating earthquake.”

It added, "Based on these unstable conditions in Turkey, our concern and the concern of all the peoples of the world who yearn for freedom and democracy have increased regarding the situation of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and there is secrecy about his situation by Turkey, knowing that the leader has not met his family and his lawyer for three years."

  The statement called on "the international community and global and European human rights organizations, both health and legal, to intervene seriously and quickly and put pressure on Turkey in order to transfer the leader to a safe place and allow his family and lawyers to meet him and check on him as soon as possible."