Kurdish politician comments on United Nations report on Syria

The Secretary General of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria indicated that the United Nations report was positive, even though it came late, and he expressed his hope that the parties that will receive it will review it and consider it according to humanitarian standards.

Kurdish politician comments on United Nations report on Syria
13 March 2024   06:04

The Secretary-General of the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, Muhammad Musa, commented on the report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria, which was issued on March 11.

The Kurdish politician pointed out that the report came late, but it is nonetheless a positive step. He continued his speech by saying: “Our expectations and hopes from international and active forces are based on the humanitarian aspect, but we are convinced that politics is not like that. Each party is captive to its own interests. When interests bring them together... With the Turkish state, you see it turning a blind eye to its practices and ignoring them.”

Muhammad Moussa pointed out that this report had been submitted to the Human Rights Council, and expressed his hope that this human rights organization would review the report objectively and independently. He continued his speech by saying: “But unfortunately these organizations are always subject to the influence of powers such as America, Russia and Europe, but nevertheless we hope that they will act in accordance with to meet the specified criteria and consider and review these issues from a humanitarian point of view."

Muhammad Musa highlighted the attempts and efforts of the Turkish occupation state to destabilize the region and deprive the people of the needs of life, with its dirty practices and policies.