KDP continue to kidnap journalist Suleiman Ahmed

Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP continues to conceal the fate of journalist Suleiman Ahmed, who was kidnapped 195 days ago.

KDP continue to kidnap journalist Suleiman Ahmed
6 May 2024   09:32

The Journalist Suleiman Ahmed's lawyer, Nariman Ahmed Rashid, previously revealed to ANHA agency that the Dohuk Asayish prevented his lawyer from meeting with his client.

The lawyer confirmed that the charges against him are false and baseless because Suleiman officially entered Rojava and has official residency in southern Kurdistan. On January 25, 2024, Roj News Agency held a press conference at the Metro Center in Sulaymaniyah, during which it confirmed: “The behavior of the Kurdistan Democratic Party is a dangerous indicator and political revenge,  it and the regional authorities bear responsibility for his safety.”

On January 29, 2024, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria demanded the authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to immediately release journalist Suleiman Ahmed. The co-chair of the Free Media Union in North and East Syria, Dilliar Jaziri, considered the kidnapping by the Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities of journalist and union member Suleiman Ahmed a violation of the memorandum of understanding between the Union and the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, and called on human rights and media bodies to achieve the freedom of journalist Suleiman.

He called on the "Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate and all media institutions in Başûr Kurdistan and Iraq to take action to put pressure on the Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities to release him, stressing that the kidnapping of journalist Suleiman Ahmed is to please the Turkish occupation. The editor-in-chief of the Press Without Borders website, Joy Haddad, also held the authorities of southern Kurdistan responsible for any harm could happen to the journalist Suleiman Ahmed, and stressed that “the kidnapping of our colleague Suleiman Ahmed is a blatant violation of freedom of press. So we call on the Kurdistan authorities to respect the laws and conventions that preserve the rights of journalists.”

212 journalists, writers and personalities from various media organizations and institutions and other organizations working in the field of press freedoms demanded the immediate release of journalist Suleiman Ahmed.

The Asayish of Dohuk, affiliated with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, prevented lawyers from meeting with him, and in a new press statement, Suleiman Ahmed’s lawyer confirmed that “if Suleiman’s fate is not revealed in a short period, we will file a complaint against the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Minister of Internal Affairs of the region in the Federal Court.” .

The Journalist Suleiman, who works as an editor at Roj News Agency went to visit his family in the city of Aleppo on October 1, 2023, after the death of his father, Muhammad Ahmed. However, KDP kidnapped him during his return from Syria at the Faysh Khabur crossing.