On the anniversary of the referendum... fate of Başûr Kurdistan is at stake

Instead of correcting the mistakes, 6 years ago, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) held a referendum, and instead of achieving the gains for the Kurds and preserving what existed, they put them in the wind in the blink of an eye. They demolished what had been achieved with blood over the years in a matter of hours. The Kurds lost what was above. The land and what is within it, and this is what has put the gains in the rest of Kurdistan even at risk.

​​​​​​​Kobani attack... comprehensive war against the people of the region is still continuing-2

Nine years after ISIS declared war on Kobani, the situation on the ground today indicates that the war declared against the region from all sides is not limited to military attacks, but rather the region is exposed to dangerous and dirty types of private warfare conducted by many forces with the aim of weakening the SDF and the Autonomous Administration. And the failure of this experiment.

​​​​​​​Kobani attack... comprehensive war against the people of the region is still continuing - 1

The sounds of battles in Rojava and the regions of North and East Syria have not faded since the first day of the outbreak of the revolution there. The region has gone through many stages, the most prominent of which were the massive attacks launched by ISIS on Kobani canton 9 years ago, which was an episode of a comprehensive war that has not yet ended to end... The new project in the region.

On its 11th anniversary... July 19 Revolution -5

The Autonomous Administration - one of the fruits of the revolution in North and East Syria - is considered a morsel that was snatched from the mouths of the lions that sought and still seek to devour it, but it was able, thanks to many sacrifices, to become a reality that many opposing forces are forced to deal with.

On its 11th anniversary... July 19 Revolution -4

The corner stone of the July 19th Revolution is the changing the mentality, the pillar on which the revolution relied to reach its desired goal and to perpetuate and spread the revolution is the academies.

​​​​​​​Turkey looms once again with “Misak-i Milli”

​​​​​​​Erdogan appears on television every time, talking about the conspiracies and endangering his national security, brandishing the Misak-i Milli as sword, threatening everyone, “You will pay a heavy price,” forgetting to endanger Arab, Kurdish, and Greek security. Once again, Turkey presented the maps for the occupation of Syria and Iraq, while hosting a conference Turkmen on its territory.

Combating drug networks and educating community

The institutions of the AANES combat drug networks in various ways and methods, pursue them and take the necessary actions and measures against them, and work to rescue those involved in these networks and educate community members through educational lectures and publications that highlight the dangers of drugs.