Şengal.. Victory of alliance of forces

Twelve knights, Rojava forces, young women and young Yezidi defeated ISIS mercenaries and thwarted its plan with the resistance. This self-administration, which was announced with great sacrifices and at the invitation of the leader Ocalan, sends this message to the occupiers: "Şengal will not be the same as before."

11 years on Syrian Crisis, no solution seems on the horizon

After 11 years of the Syrian crisis the conflict map still prevails, Damascus Government seeks to stay at the power as much as possible, mercenary gangs rely on the external intervention in favour of Turkish state interests in all over the world, talks and negotiations between the opponents who discuss only their interests, but in the amid the darkness, NE Syria still remains spot bright shine.

​​​​​​​ Turkish occupation state turns occupied Afrin into a large prison

 Dozens of prisons have spread in Afrin canton after its occupation by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, to turn into a large prison, in which the most severe types of physical and psychological torture are practiced with the aim of displacing the remaining residents and preparing the ground for completing the process of changing the demographics of the district.

“Age Resistance” continues in confronting the occupation and genocide - 1

Before launching the Turkish occupation’s brutal attacks for 4 years on Afrin Canton, political circumstances created an atmosphere for Turkey to practice its brutality in the manner that fit with its bloody history, despite the differences between the interests of the international, regional and local forces that encouraged the attack, but it agreed about main purpose is to block the emerging democratic project on a geographical spot within the Fertile Crescent.

2021 is bloodiest year in Al-Hol camp .. ISIS still poses risk

During the current year, 126 murders happened in Al-Hol camp in the Northern and Eastern Syrian camp, leading to the injury of the and deliberately burning 13 tents, in a clear indication of the start of burning the thread of the time bomb that the international community talks about. After the sleeper cells of the ISIS escalated their movements despite the efforts of the security forces to control them in the absence of a serious international move.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Call of Roj mercenaries' families : Do not turn to means for extermination of Kurds - 9

 The families of Roj mercenaries said that Roj mercenaries, which were supposed to fight ISIS, never did that, but rather fought against Guerilla on the side of the Turkish occupation state.  The families demanded their children to lay down their weapons and return to their land.