Parastin Agency  -2

A very significant role was played by youths from the town of Aqra in setting up the Parastin Intelligence Agency of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK. It is well known that formerly, there was, in Aqra, two heavily populated quarters; one was Christian and the other was Jewish.

What is Parastin-1?

How the Parastin was established in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK)Parastin apparatus, which means in Kurdish language " Protection". Parastin is responsible in carrying several special operations against revolutionary movements in Kurdistan, what is this security institution, who formed it, what are its tasks and who it serves, and what are its relations with the global intelligence network and its role in liquidating revolutionary movements against the forces of tyranny?

Yazidis being targeted again ... scheme includes Turkey, Iraq, KDP

Since August 2014, attacks on Şengal have not stopped. After ISIS' attacks, the Turkish bombing began. Now and after Yazidis have organized themselves, plans have been being hatched between Turkey, Iraq and the Kurdistan Democratic Party again to eliminate their gains.

Yazidis organize themselves, KDP wants them subject to it

After the massacres the Yazidis were subjected to, they began to organize themselves administratively, politically, militarily and socially, and this is what the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) which was a cause of the massacres does not want.

Yazidis ... Ancient history and wrong perceptions

​​​​​​​Kurdish people is considered one of the most an ancient people who settled in Mesopotamia region, whose history dating back thousands of years, and have had major role in the path of the history and democratic civilization, but they are marginalized till the present day,

On anniversary of Al-Raqqa liberation ... it rebuilds anew

Contrary to the destroyed Syrian areas under the government and Turkish mercenaries' control, Al-Raqqa, which witnessed the fiercest battles against ISIS, is rebuilt with the active solidarity of its clans with the Civil Administration. After 3 years of liberation, the destroyed city is developing.

One year since Girê Spi occupation.. drastic consequences and damage

A year after Turkey occupied the Girê Spi / Tal Abyad canton, we elaborate on the occupation’s catastrophic results and severe damage at all levels, while the co-chair of the canton called on the international community to pressure Turkey to secure the safe return of the displaced to their cities and villages.