N, E Syria… home to 1 m displaced people lacking international support

After the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries on the north and east of Syria, a new wave of displacement took place. According to the United Nations, the number of civilians displaced from Serekaniye and Gire Spi has reached 180,000 since the beginning of the attack in 9 October this year.

How ISIS turned into the Syrian National Army?

As part of its plan to occupy areas of north and east Syria, the occupying Turkish state united many mercenary groups under the name of the so-called "Syrian National Army", most of which include people and leaders of ISIS mercenaries. Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar calls them "the people of the region," while Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls them "rebel mujahideen".

Solid evidence on Turkish state's use of internationally prohibited weapons

Resistance has escalated in the face of the Turkish occupational state’s attacks against the areas of northern and eastern Syria since the ninth of October, and with the escalation of resistance on a daily basis, the Turkish occupation resorted to using internationally prohibited weapons on the eighth day of the resistance in the city of Serekaniye.

Platforms discuss their interests under pretext of constitution…

The Syrians and the whole world have been preoccupied with the subject of the Constitutional Committee and its lists, as if Syria's only problem is the constitution, more interesting, however, is the number of entities and platforms formed abroad to rule the Syrians under the names of the capitals in which they were formed.

Northern Syria ... Language revolution to revive what has been marginalized

The north of Syria is characterized by cultural diversity and the multiplicity of coexistence components, which have gained their rights to enjoy the practice of their culture and speak their mother tongue and learn the language of the other, having resisted and still resist the policy of one language and one culture.

Sheikh Maqsoud…Model for self-protection

Through the human history, the protection and the self-defense considered an essential ethical duty, to realize this goal and this duty, the human followed different methods and manners to protect his values against any attack or violation.  

HPC in Rojava to protect society's values -3

Society Protection Force (HPC) system which is established in Rojava is considered one of the most common ways for a society to defend its values in the face of any threat to its identity, culture, public moral and moral values. Therefore, the people in the north and east of Syria developed this system to become an integrated institution that started from the neighborhoods and villages to take its place on the fronts of the war against terrorism and external aggression.

SDF from local force to international forums

The annual meeting of the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces' )SDF( formations to build and set suitable plans for the comming period in the march to achieve final victory on Daesh mercnearies and consolidate the security and stablity in all regions of northern Syria, and promoting SDF and making them the guarantee a democratic, free, and plural Syria, how did SDF develop, and reach this stage?

Kurds teach new Ottomans lesson in the north, will African countries move? -1

The extent of the involvement of the Turkish government in the events of bloody wars and internal conflicts in the countries of the Middle East and Africa has become known to each and every one. This is in support of the extremists and their political organizations in order to expand their influence and access to power, or to sell their weapons and strengthen their economy. The latter managed to close the largest doors to the new Ottoman, which is publicly announced by Erdogan.

7 tough years prolong for Syrians... Regional interests maneuver through political truces-2

The Syrian scene in recent years has become absurd, as the interests of allies and parties on the ground differed. The regime was subordinate to Russia and Iran, and the Opposition became a tool for carrying out the Turkish agenda and a paper that could be exchanged whenever Turkey wished. Only the peoples of the northern Syria liberated their areas from terrorism and founded a democratic system that guarantees everybody's rights without exclusion and were able to eliminate IS terrorism, which w

7 tough years prolong for Syrians... Regional interests maneuver through political truces - 1

Seven tough years have not come to an end as the Syrians wished, but adding to them another year, which passed in blind randomness from destruction to displacement ending up in the mean political deals, during which the countries of the conflict each harvested the yield of the war in their own favor, from Afrin to Ghouta and other areas of Syria.