Movement less than usual in Manbij markets by Ramadan

​​​​​​​Simultaneously with Ramadan month, the implementation of the curfew measures that started in March 23 in all regions of northern and eastern Syria continues to prevent the Corona virus, including Manbij city whose markets have witnessed a slight movement compared to the past years amid the calls of the people in this holy month to end this epidemic from the world.

Clans initiative symbolizes social solidarity and fraternity 

Mohammed Ali Rasho, spokesman of the clans elders and notables of Manbij and its countryside described the remarkable response of the merchants with the clans initiative to raise donations for the needy is not strange. Manbij is witnessing many individual initiatives, and confirmed that this is an evidence for the social solidarity and fraternity among all the people of all their components.

Harvesters owners demanded control on spare parts and maintenance wages

The owners of the harvesters demanded the need to control the prices of spare parts and maintenance wages and provide them with gasoline. The supply division in Al Jazeera region confirmed that it is in the process of studying spare parts prices and maintenance wages.

3rd quarantine center opened in Kobani

AVC organization, in cooperation with the Health Authority in the Euphrates region, has opened a third quarantine center in Kobani, as part of the measures taken regarding the emerging Corona virus.