Tel-Tamr villagers: Turkey burns our crops, when trying to extinguish it

The villagers in the northern and western countryside of Tel-Tamr district, who are living of the seam line in the occupied areas by Turkey, that the Turkish occupation army deliberately burned their agricultural crops while firefighting teams are not able to extinguish these fires, being deliberately targeted by Turkish occupation.

Turkey starts fire and water war against Syrians

Turkey is once again using the "international weapon" of international waters, the most important natural and economic resource, against the Syrians in the northeast of the country, in addition to bombing agricultural crops this summer to burn them, violating international covenants and laws.

Serêkaniyê displaced complain about lack of NGOS aid

The suffering of Serêkaniyê displaced renews day by day amid the inaction of humanitarian organizations and failure to provide assistance to the displaced who were forced to leave their homes due to the Turkish attacks.