Turkey exploits Euphrates water to displace people

Women and farmers from Deir ez-Zor explained that withholding the Euphrates River is a policy that Turkey exploits to displace and starve the region's population and destabilize the region's security.

Suzdar Ahmed: Allouk station works in media, not in practice

The Co-chair of the Water Directorate in Hasakah canton clarified that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries operate Allouk station only in the media, not in practice, stressing "The repetition of our appeals to the organizations, the international coalition and the Russian guarantor to neutralize the Allouk station remains unheeded."

Alternative solutions after lowering Euphrates River level

Jarniah Water Unit in the countryside of Tabqa has restored two pumps in the Tawi water station to work after they were out of service for more than 4 months as a result of the Turkish occupation lowering the flow the Euphrates water into the Syrian territories.

Salman Barodo: Procedures will be taken if wheat crop is not sufficient

​​​​​​​The co-chair of the Agriculture and Economy Body in North and East Syria confirmed that it is expected to receive 500,000 tons of the wheat crop, and this quantity will achieve good sufficiency for the region, and if this quantity is not received, there are other measures they will take to secure the region's need of wheat. If this quantity is not sufficient, there are other procedures they will undertake to ensure the region's need for wheat.

Having drunk contaminated water, 753 cases of poisoning in Al-Hasakah after Turkey cut off water

The co-chair of People’s Hospital in Al-Hasakah city, Muhammad Saeed Al-Abdullah, explained that more than 753 cases of poisoning and diarrhea have arrived from Al-Hasakah residents for drinking unsafe water, since the Turkish occupation cut off water from the city, and appealed to humanitarian organizations to intervene and put an end to the Turkish occupation.