4,500 refugees returned from Başûr to Rojava

Approximately 4,500 displaced people from the Burda Rash camp in Başûr  Kurdistan returned to Rojava via the Semalka border crossing point, who were displaced from their areas following the recent Turkish attacks on the area.

IDPs from Idlib to Al-Raqqa: SDF call for us will save thousands’ lives

“Idlib, the afflicted”.. This is how a number of IDPs displaced in the city of Idlib who arrived in the city of Raqqa in the Abu Qubaei refugee camp described it, confirming that they went to the Autonomous administration areas because they are the most secure in Syria, after the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stated that northern and eastern Syrian lands are open to receive IDPs.

Displaced people demand exit of Turkish occupation

Many of the displaced who fled the attacks of the Turkish occupation to Serekaniye region, explained that the mercenaries are violating the right of the people to kidnap, kill and destroy their homes, and demanded to return to their homes after the expulsion of the Turkish occupation mercenaries.

​​​​​​​Washokani camp suffers from lack of services; refugees demand to push gangs out their city

In the absence of international organizations within the Washokani camp, the camp suffers from a lack of services despite what is being provided by the Autonomous Administration and the Kurdish Red Crescent, and the displaced people are calling on the countries of the world to intervene to expel the Turkish occupation's gangs from their lands to return to them.

​​​​​​​Despite Irrefutable evidences of Turkish occupation's atrocities international society still remains silent

Despite all the irrefutable evidences of the horrible crimes of the Turkish occupation and its gangs against the Syrian people which had been documented by most of the local and international media cameras with its recent attack on the Syrian territories in the north and east of the country the international society still remained silent towards what is happening there.