Aleppo Yazidis prepare to celebrate Çarşema Sor

The children of the Yazidi community are preparing to celebrate Çerşema Sor, the Yezidi New Year, while the co-chair of the Yazidi House in Aleppo confirmed that "the policy of extermination will not deter us from our insistence on preserving our religion and practicing our rituals."

Health Body: Emergence 3rd wave COVID 19 threatens to impose curfew

Co-chair of the Health Body, Joan Mustafa has confirmed that the decision to impose a total or partial curfew in NE, Syria depends on the number of infected persons that will be recorded in the next days, alluding that the 3rd wave of COVID-19 is more dangerous and faster.

Al-Shahba is still under siege

The co-chair of the Executive Council in the Democratic Autonomous Administration of the occupied Afrin region expressed his doubts about the flexibility that Damascus is showing towards al-Shahba canton, and pointed out that it is a temporary matter, criticizing the Damascus government's treatment of the displaced Afrin and the people of al-Shahba canton as non-Syrians.

Water cut again from Hasaka by Turkish Occupation 

Turkish Occupation Forces have again cut water of the Elok Water Station that supplies Hasaka and rural with water, as co-chair of the Water Directorate that solution lies in exiting the station from the control of the Turkish Occupation.