Soon .. Step for Heart, Eye Hospital to save eye patients high costs

The Department of the Heart and Eye Hospital seeks to reduce the medical costs of the citizens, as the step of activating the excimer laser "laser" at the hospital is considered one of the most important steps that help eye patients and contribute to saving the expenses of performing the operation of vision correction.

Their lives changed completely due to the Turkish aggression

The life of the people in the Umm Al-Keif village has been turned upside down, from a safe life to a life full of fear and terror, after the repeated indiscriminate bombing of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, leading to the displacement of nearly two hundred families, destroying dozens of homes.

Lahdo: Turkey causes water crisis, emergency projects partially solve the crisis

The Co-chair of the Local Administration and Municipalities Authority in North and East Syria said that the main reason for the drinking water crisis in the city of Al-Hasakah is the Turkish state's cuts off water far from morals. He called to put an end to this criminal act against civilians.

Quarantine center is underway inside al-Mahmoudly camp in al-Tabqa countryside

Al- Mahmoudly camp's administration is preparing to establish quarantine center, taken all preventive measures to prevent coronavirus outbreak inside al-Mahmoudly camp, which includes 8,000 refugees, while the number of the infected persons reached to 117 cases in the autonomous administration areas.

AANES continues to support displaced people

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) provided 2,000 fans to the residents of Washokani camp in al-Hasakah canton, amid the failure of international organizations and the absence of their role in assisting the displaced.