NUJINHA: Teacher lost her life in Iranian state prison

The women's news agency NUJINHA reported that a schoolteacher lost her life in Iranian state prisons after she was arrested with her mother and sister. over her participation in the popular uprising that broke out in Rojhilat Kurdistan and Iran for more than 3 months.

K.Star holds its ninth conference, elects new coordinator

​​​​​​​On Sunday, Kongra Star held its ninth conference, which came out with a number of decisions, the most important of which was formation a Committee for the Freedom of leader Ocalan, making some amendments to the Kongra Star Charter, and electing a coordinator consisting of 7 members.

​​​​​​​JINEOLOJI many activities held in 2022

JINEOLOJI has intensified the pace of its work and activities for the year 2022, when about 10,000 women and men received training, and it held about 457 seminars and lectures on the reality of women and society alike.