Over recent massacre, K. Star presents 5 demands to UN

Kongra Star submitted a number of demands, including "closing the airspace, holding Turkey accountable for all the war crimes it committed, and immediate withdrawal from the occupied areas," through a file documenting the crimes of the Turkish occupation in NE Syria.

K. Star recalls the martyr Zilan (Zainab Kanaji)

ءKongra Star commemorated the 27th anniversary of the martyrdom of the fighter Zilan (Zainab Kanaji), and emphasized that Zilan's commando operation opened door for all women to demand their freedom.

(TJK-E) calls for participation in its protest activities against genocide attacks

The Kurdish Women's Movement in Europe (TJK-E) denounced the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation state against the co-chair of Qamishlo Canton, Yusra Darwish, the deputy co-chair of the Council, Lyman Shweish, and Furat Touma, and called on all free peoples to participate in protest activities against the genocidal attacks.

K.Star discusses repercussions of  political changes on the region

During a meeting of women in Tal Hamis, the political changes affecting NE Syria were discussed. On the other hand, they mentioned the importance of training courses in raising women's awareness to break the authoritarian patriarchal mentality.