Calls to address propaganda attacks; media disinformation targeting women's struggles

Women's organizations and movements called on peoples and women in North and East Syria to confront private warfare, propaganda attacks, and media disinformation targeting women's struggles in the region. These organizations emphasized their endeavor to reduce the phenomena of private warfare that attempt to take revenge and undermine women's freedom and true will.

Forum of massacres in Mesopotamia ended with several recommendations

The Forum's work on the massacres in Mesopotamia and its impact on women concluded with several recommendations, the most important of which is the formation of a women's reference, the implementation of the Women's Confederation at the level of the Middle East, and the strengthening of the home front for women in all fields.

Asia Abdullah calls on women to strengthen their defensive systems

The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party, Asia Abdullah, called on all women to strengthen their defense system, to thwart all the treaties concluded against them, stressing that the Autonomous Administration treaty was manifested by the struggle of women in North and East Syria.

Democratic system is best solution to thwart Treaty of Lausanne

The participants in the first and second axes of the forum concluded the need to unite efforts and unite the women in order to build a prosperous future for peoples, and prevent the recurrence of treaties that exterminated peoples, pointing to the need for a democratic system that protects all identities.

Researcher talking about women's revolutions: We need to mobilize women's awareness and organization

The Director of the Center for Gender Studies and Sudanese researcher, Neamat Koko, believes that the main basis for revolutions and women's movements around the world is considering the issue of women as the issue of society, stressing that there is a need for women's mobilization at all levels, and stressed, "If the Kurdish issue is not resolved, the issue of women will not be resolved."

KJK to launch campaign against attacks on women

The Kurdistan Women's Organization revealed that, between August 3 and 15, it will launch a campaign under the slogan "We stand with the women of Afghanistan and Şengal against the attacks of the dominant man" to put an end to the massacres committed against women, nature and life.

SARA,Schlier slam raping child by Turkey's mercenaries in Afrin

The SARA Organization and the Schlier Committee condemned the violations and crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied city of Afrin, the latest of which was the rape of a child, and called on international and human rights organizations to hold them accountable.

Kongra Star congratulates Eid al-Adha

Kongra Star congratulated Eid al-Adha, and said: "We hope that this holiday will be a way to achieve the freedom of leader “APO” and all women, and to find a solution to the Syrian crisis and all the crises of the Middle East."