Tal Hamis fields ablaze again

A fire broke out in agricultural land in the villages of Tal Hamis district of Qamishlo canton, as firefighters, emergency committees and locals attempt to extinguish it.

Women's Council concluded forming a Coordinating Committee

The founding conference of the Women's Council in North and East Syria, which began on Friday morning in the resort of Bilsan, ended with the formation of a 17-member Coordinating Committee and the final communiqué

Effort to revive women role via women science's center

The Women's Science Research Committee in the Euphrates region managed, within 3 months, to organize lectures aimed at introducing women to their science, and special courses of women's science had been allocated in the academies in addition to developing a future plan.

Kongra Star saluted hunger strike's victory

Kongra Star congratulated the victory of the hunger strike led by activist Leyla Guven, calling for the escalating struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.

'Strikers' resistance will reap its benefits soon'

Women from the cantons of Afrin and al-Shahba; Kurdish and Arab indicated that the campaign of hunger strike would soon be fruitful and stressed that continuing this path would bring the people to freedom and living in dignity.

Intensive work of Women's Council in Manbij, its countryside

The Council of Women in Manbij and its villages has formed many local councils and administrations in the region through a campaign organized by the Council by intensifying visits to women's homes and discussing with them about the councils and ways to develop the role of women in all fields.

Increase in divorce cases ... causes, outcomes, proposed solutions

The statistics of women's organizations in Girkê Legê area indicates that there has been an unprecedented rise in divorce cases over the past two years, and the Women's House and Kongra Star officials attribute it to minor marriage and migration, in addition to poor living conditions. 

Kongra Star continues support activities for hunger strikers

Under the slogan "With the resistance of prisons we will win and we will guarantee the freedom of leader Apo" Kongra Star in Afrin region began with solidarity with the hunger strikers, which will last for nine days.

March in Qamishlo against Turkish fascism

Thousands of women in al-Jazeera Region marched in protest against the attack by the Turkish occupation authorities on the women of the white scarf protesting in front of the Turkish prisons in solidarity with their children and daughters who are political prisoners and on hunger strike in the prisons of the Turkish occupation.

Sit-in tent finished … events, resistance ongoing till achieving strikers' demands 

Under the tent that brought together all the components and communities of Aleppo, once again, the demands of the parents united with the demands of the hunger strikers. 8 days passed, the citizens' throats had been echoing the slogans denouncing the position of the international community and humanitarian organizations.