Regional Women's Conference continues for 2d day in  Beirut

The second day of the regional women's conference began with a discussion of the third and final session, which centered on the vision of the leader Ocalan, and his role in escalating the struggle for women's freedom.

Crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against women are ignored

A member of the Kongra Star coordinator condemned the crimes of rape of children and women by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied territories, and mentioned their documentation of the occupation's violations and crimes and sending them to international and women's organizations; However, it is still ignored.

"KJK campaign is a deterrent to the attacks of masculine mentality"

Female administrators in women's organizations and political parties affirmed that: "There is no solution to society's issues if the women's issue is not resolved." They explained that the campaign of the Kurdistan Women's Organization is a deterrent to the attacks of the masculine mentality against women.

AANES Women's Coordination holds its semi- annual meeting

On Monday, the Women's Coordination for North and East Syria held its semi-annual meeting in the meeting room of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria in Raqqa.

Women organizations in NE Syria support KJK campaign

Women organizations and movements in NE Syria announced their support for the campaign of the Kurdistan Women's Organization, "We stand with the women of Afghanistan and Şengal against the attacks of the dominant man," by launching a series of activities under the slogan "In response to the genocide of women... we create life."

Body of murdered girl found in occupied Afrin

​​​​​​​The people of the village of Yazbagh, in the Shra district in the occupied Afrin Canton, found the body of a settler girl, killed in the vicinity of the village.