Hana: As we defeated IS by our strong will, we to defeat Turkish occupation

A member of Kongra Star Coordination in Qamishlo canton confirmed that their campaign, which was announced by Kongra Star under the slogan "Keep your Land and Dignity from the Occupation and ISIS", will start its activities starting August 17 in all areas of northern Syria.

Kobani women undertake their duty to protect northern villages

In order to avoid any possible attack against the villages in north of Syria as what had happened in previous times of massacres against Şengal and Kobani, the villagers go out at night to protect their villages on the Turkish border in kobani canton's villages in north Syria from any cowardly attack.

Qamishlo Women Joining Kongra Star Campaign

Women in Qamishlo Canton, members of institutions and organizations, have joined the campaign announced by the coordinator of Kongra Star under the slogan "Save  Your Land and Your Dignity, and Defeat the Occupation and ISIS."

Following Daesh example in Şengal; Erdogan repeats it in Afrin

Yazidi women from Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo said that Şengal massacre came to erase the Yezidi religion, asserting that Daesh mercenaries' practices in Şengal against the Yazidis are being repeated by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin.

Kongra Star: Media attack against Besê Hozat targets free women

Kongra Star has denounced the media attack which was launched by the channel Kurdistan 24 against the co-chair of the Kurdistan Community Union Besê Hozat, pointing out that this attack targets all strugglers women for freedom.

Liberated areas' women denounced Turkish threats

The women in the liberated areas of north and east of Syria stressed that they would not accept the return of the Ottoman occupation to the region and added "We will withstand against the Turkish occupation state under the slogan we have set for "Ourselves, having United, we Won, we will Resist to Protect."

Woman in liberated areas launched campaign against Turkish occupation

The Young Woman administrations and the institutions and the woman offices in the Future Syria Party in the liberated areas in al-Tabqa and Deir ez-Zor and Manbij, launched a campaign rejecting the Turkish threats on the areas of North and East of Syria.

Young Woman Union organized Martyr Stervan Festival in Kobanî

On the occasion of the anniversary of the 19 July Revolution, the Young Women's Union organized a festival in the name of the martyr Stervan for the young woman in the city of Kobanî, in which hundreds of people from the Euphrates region and the city of Manbij participated.

Kongra Star Academy Women's platform to develop their capabilities

The Kongra Star Academy in Aleppo has completed five training courses since its establishment in which 118 trainees participated, thus enhancing the capabilities of trainees and qualifying them to assume their responsibilities in various fields of life.

We must act according to Ocalan's message.

The administrator of the Kongra Star Conference in Afrin has pointed out that the Kurdish People's Leader, Abdullah Ocalan, pointed out in his letter to the role of women and the reduction of the killing of women and the marriage of minors. And added "All women must act according to the message of leader Ocalan.

Woman of Daesh kills her granddaughter

A woman  of Daesh from Azerbaijan killed her granddaughter who is 14 years-old  under the pretext that she did not wear the niqab.