Activists from As-Suwayda call on women to unite their ranks and stand with them

Activists from As-Suwayda agree that women need to unite their ranks and organize their work in the face of the suppression of freedoms they are subjected to, and they called on all Syrian women to stand with them and go out to the squares to demand their freedom and independence, after years of torture and persecution.

Activist stresses the development of a project to make As-Suwayda protests successful

A feminist activist believed that women's participation in As- Suwayda protests should not be limited to raising banners and condemning only, but rather it should be participation based on a sufficient degree of awareness, and she pointed out that it is necessary to assign these protests to a project with specific points to make them successful.

Fawzia Abdi: Malicious scheme endangers thousands of IDPs those who left their homes

The co-chair of the Legislative Council in the Euphrates region confirms that Turkey's resettlement of Syrian refugees in areas it occupied in Syria and the construction of settlements within them are a continuation of its efforts to achieve demographic change, after targeting its cultural and historical monuments.

Regional Women's Conference calls for achieving leader physical freedom

Participants in the regional women's conference discussed the isolation applied against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and indicated that complaints were submitted to local and international bodies, but to no avail, and stressed, "The struggle must be in the street, and the adoption of this issue" in order to achieve the leader Abdullah Ocalan's physical freedom.