​​​​​​​JINEOLOJI many activities held in 2022

JINEOLOJI has intensified the pace of its work and activities for the year 2022, when about 10,000 women and men received training, and it held about 457 seminars and lectures on the reality of women and society alike.

Anger in Turkish parliament over the case of assaulting minor

​​​​​​​Turkish parliamentarians protested against ministers by accusing them of negligence in the case of assaulting a minor. Although the victim filed a complaint nearly 2 years ago, no one has been arrested in this regard so far.

NADA Alliance: Capitalist system fears will of women

NADA Alliance referred to the escalation of violence against women in parallel with the escalation of women's struggles in the world, which indicates fear of the global capitalist system of women's will."