Women manage projects in Rojava

The cultivation of vegetable project in Tirbespiyê area contributes in fulfilling part of the region's need for seasonal vegetables, in addition to securing jobs for women.

YPJ: With Newroz's flame, we will defeat occupation

The General Command of the Women Protection Units YPJ congratulated on March 21, and said, with the flame of Newroz, we will defeat the occupation, pledged to raising the pace of the struggle in the spirit of Newroz.

"Every injured I treated was my son Mannan"

Tragedy, championship stories, 58 days of resistance against a NATO member, the cause of affiliation with the homeland, accompanying the forcibly displaced people of Afrin, including Donya's story that continued to treat the wounded despite hearing the news of her son's martyrdom.

Women's Protection Units celebrate March 8th

The Women's Protection Units (YPG) fighters in al-Shaddadi area of Hasaka celebrated March 8th, International Women's Day. During the ceremony, Women's Protection Units (YPG) leader Akhin Nojan said: "March 8 has become a symbol for women who have sacrificed themselves for the cause of women's freedom. ".

Zor ava women: Women became symbol of resistance

​​​​​​​The Syrian capital, Damascus witnessed attendance dozens of the people form Zor ava neighborhood the celebration that has been held on the occasion of International Women's Day, where the participants confirmed that the woman did not surrender, but became symbol of resistance and the will to cling to the land, and was able to re-gain her rights and stress her autonomy entity.

Deir ez-Zour women celebrate march 8th

Under the slogan "Our struggle is freedom, Our Resistance victory" today  women of the eastern and western countryside celebrated the International Women's Day, and concluded the events with theatrical performances, singing dances and gifts.

 Women resistance through painting

The displaced students of Afrin exhibited 17 paintings on violence against women and their resistance on International Women's Day.

Women play leading role in Kobane

Women confirmed that women played a leading role in all fields during the revolution of the northeastern Syria, and stressed that women's struggle continues.