Tortured... girl loses her life by "Moral Police" in Tehran

 A girl lost her life after she was stopped by the "moral police" responsible for ensuring that women wear the hijab in Tehran, while reports indicate that she was tortured during arrest by the Iranian authorities' police.

​​​​​​​First Armenian woman conference kicks off in Hasaka city

A short while ago, the work of the first conference of Armenian women in the Armenian Social Council was launched, in Hasaka city, under the slogan "The Union of Armenian Women after the genocide of 107 years organizes hereself in Rojava revolution and the protection of Rojava land."

In the steps of Barin Kobane and Cuma Botan; Barin Botan

YAT fighter Barin Botan followed in the steps of martyr Barin Kobane and Cuma Botan, and was martyred for the sake of freedom and truth. Martyr Barin Botan always used to say: “I reject a life of slavery and all women should reject such a life”

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Abdullah at WRF: We pledge to martyrs, Jiyan, Roj and Barin, to continue their struggle

​​​​​​​The co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Asya Abdullah, pledged, on behalf of the Forum for the Women’s Revolution in North and East Syria, the martyrs (Jiyan, Roj and Barin), who had participated in the first day of the forum and were targeted by a Turkish drone on the Qamishlo road, to continue their path of struggle. 

Women’s Revolution Forum: Unifying women is a mainstay for success of July 19 Revolution

 The interlocutors, in the first session of the first forum of the Women’s Revolution, explained that the July 19 Revolution erupted on a moral and emotional basis against the injustice that extended over hundreds of years, a revolution that represents the line of historical truth, emphasizing that the unification of women’s power at the level of Syria is a mainstay for the success of the Rojava and North Rojava revolution  and eastern Syria.