Turkey continues to commit crimes in Afrin amid international silence

​​​​​​​ The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue their crimes relentlessly against the kidnapped women of Afrin, amid the international community's continued inaction against these crimes that expose Turkey to accountability according to international humanitarian law and the four Geneva Conventions of 1949.

2 RJAK's set free after 33 days detention

Two the Free Kurdistani Women Organization, the RJAK, who were arrested by Asayish of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK in August the last.

Sherine Hassan: No return to Afrin as occupation continues

Kongra Star spokeswoman in Afrin canton, Sherine Hassan, confirmed that the return to occupied Afrin is conditional on the end of the occupation, and stressed the need to strengthen women's organization as an essential factor to liberate the occupied canton.

Feminist initiative concerned about Turkey's enthusiasm for Taliban

he Initiative to Fight Against Occupation and Femicide for Peace and Security expressed concern for the Turkish enthusiasm to work with Taliban in Afghanistan calling for support to Afghan women taking immediate actions towards radical Taliban system.

KJK expresses its solidarity with Afghan women

Kurdistan Women Union (KJK) expressed its solidarity with the women and people of Afghanistan, warning that Afghan women are currently in danger, KJK called on to establish self-regulation, saying: "It is not possible to establish or maintain a free life, without strengthening self-strength, self-organization and self-defense."

Remziye Mohamed: feminist conference made great victory

Spokesperson for the Kongra Star Coordination Remziye Mohamed considered the Second Feminist Middle Eastern and North Africa a great victory for all women noting that matters that were discussed were positive and all participants got an idea on Rovaja and NES feminist works.

Soma Farhad: If we don't get information about our detainees, we'll resort to other methods

Spokeswoman for the Kurdistan Free Women Organization, Soma Farhad, said, "The mentality that committed the Shengal massacre is the same that arrested 3 members of the Kurdistan Free Women's Organization, and added:" This arrest does not target our members only, but is a result of the policies pursued against feminist movement, confirming the arrest of our members poses a great danger to feminists."