Avin Sweid: We must escalate struggle to end violence and occupation forms

​​​​​​​Avin Sweid has saluted the holding of 8th Kongra Star, stressing that the necessity to escalate the struggle to end violence and occupation, saying:" By virtue of the women unity, we will fail all the aggressive policies against our people and our land to achieve the building of a free and democratic Syria."

"Women, Religion" is focus of Syrian Women Council's lecture in Aleppo

During a lecture, the Syrian Women Council in Aleppo discussed the topic of "Women and Religion," in which they indicated the need to change the prevailing concepts in society in order to reach a free democratic society based on foundations of cooperation.

​​​​​​​Symposium in Aleppo to explain governance content  

The Women Office in the Syrian Democratic Council - Aleppo branch organized a symposium entitled "Governance and the Governance 's Rules in North and East Syria" to introduce the rules of good governance and ways to apply them in the Autonomous Administration institutions.