Torch march in Aleppo

The Young Women Movement in the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo organized a march with torches within the activities of Kongra Star Campaign "Protect your Homeland and Dignity, and Defeat the Turkish occupation and ISIS".

Havrin Khalaf: Forum of Tribal Woman Notables is historic step

The Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf, pointed out that the Forum of Tribal Woman Notables has once again proved the cohesion and solidarity of women with each other in all circumstances, and it is a historic step added to the legacy of her struggle throughout history, as they delivered their message that they are advocates of peace.

Vast participation from Aleppo, al-Shahab's women in Kongra Star campaign

In the city of Aleppo, 31 meetings of women were held within 14 days, as part of the campaign launched by Kongra Star Coordination on August 8, which was widely welcomed by the people. In al-Shahba, Kongra Star conference seeks to intensify meetings and lectures on Turkish threats.

Avin Gomaa: Turkey commits degrading practices against women

The co-chair of the Human Rights Organization in al-Jazira region Avin Gomaa stated that the Turkish authorities' seizure of several municipalities in the cities of Bakur Kurdistan is a violation of all international laws governing community life. "Turkey commits degrading practices against women," she said.

Shammo: AKP's practices against women in north Kurdistan is immoral

Kongra Star Coordination 's member, Hadiya Shammo has denounced Turkish occupation's practices against civilians and in particular the women who took part in protest against the authorities' takeover of the municipalities of northern Kurdistan, and described these practices as cowardly and immoral.

Kongra Star demands from world's women to support them against Turkish threats

Kongra Star in Suluk district belonging to Tel-Abyed canton have released statement to public opinion in this statement that refuse Turkish threats on north and east of Syria, demanding from all the world's women to support them, and do not turn blind their eyes of the great achievements and sacrifices of the martyrs.

Aleppo women joining Kongra Star campaign

The women of Aleppo joined the campaign of Kongra Star launched by its coordination under the slogan "Protect your Land and your Dignity, and Defeat the Occupation and Daesh".

Hana: As we defeated IS by our strong will, we to defeat Turkish occupation

A member of Kongra Star Coordination in Qamishlo canton confirmed that their campaign, which was announced by Kongra Star under the slogan "Keep your Land and Dignity from the Occupation and ISIS", will start its activities starting August 17 in all areas of northern Syria.

Delegation of Shengal's Women: mercenary attacks did not undermine will of Yazidis

Members of the Shengal Women's Delegation, who will participate in the forum organized by Kongra Star on the anniversary of the August 3 Massacre, said that their joining the forum was a great achievement for the Shengali women and that the mercenary attacks did not undermine the will of the Yazidi women.

Following Daesh example in Şengal; Erdogan repeats it in Afrin

Yazidi women from Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo said that Şengal massacre came to erase the Yezidi religion, asserting that Daesh mercenaries' practices in Şengal against the Yazidis are being repeated by the Turkish occupation against the people of Afrin.

Liberated areas' women denounced Turkish threats

The women in the liberated areas of north and east of Syria stressed that they would not accept the return of the Ottoman occupation to the region and added "We will withstand against the Turkish occupation state under the slogan we have set for "Ourselves, having United, we Won, we will Resist to Protect."