Turkey occupied large areas of Syria within regional, international agreements

Women Council in North and East of Syria said that" “Turkey occupied large areas of Syria, within agreements and alliances with regional and international parties.” He called on the Syrian people, with all its sects, and all Syrian women's and human rights organizations, to stand up to the Turkish occupation.

​​​​​​​ Council of Syrian Women calls on international community to end  occupation.

Council of the Syrian Women called on the international community and its institutions to help the Syrians to put an end to the continuing threats of the Turkey on the Syrian territories, to force Turkey out of the Syrian territories it has occupied unconditionally, to return land to its Syrian owners, hold Turkey accountable for all violations and crimes committed against safe civilians in Afrin and other occupied territories

Syrian crisis cannot be solved as long as Turkish occupation exists

"There will be no solution to the Syrian crisis as long as the occupation exists," said the administrator member of the Women’s Office in the Syrian Democratic Council, Janda Mohamed, calling on all parties to the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to remove the occupation from Syria and reach a democratic solution together in Syria.

Avein Sewied: Attacks on NE, Syria escalated violence against women

Avein Sewied indicated that the Kongra Star organizes itself according to the requirements of the stage, and that its struggle continues to unify the struggle of women for freedom in the world, noting that the attacks on the region were the cause of the high intensity and the rate of violence against women, stressing the continuation of the struggle against the approach of women fighters and revolutionaries who have illuminated Freedom path for them.