Young Woman Union organized Martyr Stervan Festival in Kobanî

On the occasion of the anniversary of the 19 July Revolution, the Young Women's Union organized a festival in the name of the martyr Stervan for the young woman in the city of Kobanî, in which hundreds of people from the Euphrates region and the city of Manbij participated.

Events of expanded forum for women in al-Tabqa initiated

A while ago, the first day of the expanded forum for women in al-Tabqa city with attendance vast participation of the Syrian's women such as: al-Tabqa- al-Raqqa- Deir-ez-Zor, representatives of the Syria Democratic Council SDC, and representatives of Şengal women, in addition to the activist Fatka Tok, one of the activists who went on hunger strike in response to the policies of the Turkish occupation in Turkish prisons.

Kongra Star commemorates struggler Zilan

The Kongra Star conference has commemorated the anniversary of the martyrdom of the activist Zilan and renewed the pledge to continue her approach and all martyrs' approach.

Lina Berkat: Dialogue forum to be platform for more serious forums

The member of the Syrian Women Council's Coordination, Lina Berkat said that the proposals and discussions in the forum have a great effect to remove the radicalism against the women pointing out the forum will be a platform for more deep and serious dialogue forums.  

Afrin women work hard to ensure requirements after forced displacement

Afrin women work in the agricultural fields and lands to ensure their daily requirements alongside the assistance and support provided by the Autonomous Administration (AA), and that after their exit from Afrin in the result of the Turkish occupation of Afrin. 

Tal Hamis fields ablaze again

A fire broke out in agricultural land in the villages of Tal Hamis district of Qamishlo canton, as firefighters, emergency committees and locals attempt to extinguish it.

Women's Council concluded forming a Coordinating Committee

The founding conference of the Women's Council in North and East Syria, which began on Friday morning in the resort of Bilsan, ended with the formation of a 17-member Coordinating Committee and the final communiqué