Women in Turkey become without protection, rights

Once again, the Turkish occupation state announces its racist and patriarchal mentality and its targeting of women by its withdrawal from the "Istanbul Convention," so that the question remains unable to find an answer about which article of Turkish law will protect women in the country?

Tel Hamis women commemorate mother Awaish

The members of the Kongra Star in Tel Hamis district recalled the anniversary of the death of leader Abdullah Ocalan's mother, mother Awaish, confirming that Mother Awaish gave birth to a son that history will not forget because he was the first to call for the brotherhood of peoples.

Kongra Star: Mother Ûweyş is an icon

The Kongra Star Coordination called into attention mother of the leader Abdullah Ocalan saying '' Mother Ûweyş is an example of the strong woman that give birth to a leader to whom feminist emancipation owes''.

Sirusht Halabja: Turkish claims aim to stir fear

Kurdish writer and researcher in Basûr Kurdistan, Sirusht Halabja, stated that claiming the leader Ocalan's heath is deteriorating every now and then is to stir fear among the people, and she called on the Kurdish people to be vigilant about Turkey's policy and unite their ranks.

Kongra Star: April 4, a new philosophy of life

Kongra Star Coordination congratulated the leader Ocalan's birth, saying:" April 4 represents a new concept and philosophy for life,” and called on women to intensify their struggle for the leader's physical freedom.

YPJ fighters: Our forces established to liberate women

The fighters in the ranks of the Women's Protection Units YPJ, who fought heroically against the crimes of terrorist groups on the behalf of the world, their resistance attracted world's states, YPJ fighter said:" Our units were formed for the liberation of women."

Turkey violated international law by sentencing Çîçek Kobanê to life imprisonment

Member of the Public Prosecution Authority in the Euphrates region stated that the Turkish state violated the charter of international laws and violated them by sentencing Çîçek Kobanê to "life imprisonment", stressing that Turkey must be held accountable for violating the laws and returning Çîçek Kobanê to Syria.

Nemam Ghafouri real model for true women

Co-chair of the Executive Body of Syria's Democratic Party, Ilaham Ahmed, offered condolences on the death of the Kurdish doctor and activist Neman Ghafouri saying they have lost a strong woman. 

Leader Zenobia Athro: Establishing YPJ is a message to enemies

The leader of the Beth Nahrin Women’s Protection Forces, Zenobia Athro, congratulated the eighth anniversary of the establishment of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), and said, "Its establishment was a message to the enemies that they will not harm women."