Rebak Org member: We came from Başûr to support Resistance of Dignity

Wejdan Noureddine called on all women to rise up in the face of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and demanded to prosecute those who targeted Hevrin Khalaf, who was considered a symbol of the unity of the components and peoples of northern and eastern Syria.

Syrian Women Council commemorated International Day of Solidarity with Kobanê

The Syrian Women Council recalled the International Day of Solidarity with the Resistance of Kobanê, condemning at the same time the Turkish army's attacks on the north and east of Syria, and calling on all actors to resolve the Syrian crisis to shoulder their responsibilities in order to stop the suffering of the Syrian people and liberate their lands from the Turkish occupation.

YPJ commemorate 5th anniversary of Arin, Rivana's martyrdom

The fighters of the Women's Protection Units in the Euphrates region renewed their pledge to fight for freedom and follow the martyrs' path during a military parade marking the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Rivana Kobani and Arin Mirkan in Kobani resistance.

Manbij Women's Council continues to hold awareness meetings for Manbij women

The Women's Council in Manbij City held 42 meetings within the campaign "Having united, we Won …We will Resist …To protect … No Turkish Occupation", where social problems have been discussed that related of women and put solutions to them, and is scheduled to continue until 25 November.

Demos against Turkish occupation’s threats

Thousands of people in Dêrik region staged a mass demonstration in protest against the Turkish threats and occupation of northern and eastern Syria, as part of Kongra Star Campaign under the slogan "Keep your land and dignity and defeat the occupation and ISIS".

Kurdish journalist has hardly escaped from AKP's pressures

The Kurdish journalist from Bakur, "north Kurdistan has narrated her story of escaping from AKP's pressure, which has narrowed on the journalists, politicians and academicians, and made life very difficult in this country. And added "even like a photo on Twitter, you are threatened with arrest."

Woman’s Committee in al-Raqqa... Achievements done, other in effect

80% of al-Raqqa and its rural women benefited from economic and agricultural projects implemented by the Woman’s Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council to support women's economy. The Committee is also considering other projects underway in the villages of al-Raqqa.

Shammo: Turkish army mercenaries repeat Shingal scenario in Afrin

"What ISIS did in Shingal against Yezidi women is repeated in Afrin, the Afrin's women are marginalized by human rights organizations, and no one is talking about their situation and their suffering under the occupation," said Kongra Star Coordinator in Rojava Hadiya Shammo.

Havrin Khalaf: Forum of Tribal Woman Notables is historic step

The Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party, Havrin Khalaf, pointed out that the Forum of Tribal Woman Notables has once again proved the cohesion and solidarity of women with each other in all circumstances, and it is a historic step added to the legacy of her struggle throughout history, as they delivered their message that they are advocates of peace.

Vast participation from Aleppo, al-Shahab's women in Kongra Star campaign

In the city of Aleppo, 31 meetings of women were held within 14 days, as part of the campaign launched by Kongra Star Coordination on August 8, which was widely welcomed by the people. In al-Shahba, Kongra Star conference seeks to intensify meetings and lectures on Turkish threats.