Başûr people commemorate martyr Diyar Gharib on Qandil Mountains

Hundreds of citizens of southern Kurdistan, who came from different cities to Qandil, participated in commemorating the member of the Executive Body of the Kurdistan Communities Union Diyar Gharib, who was martyred on 5 July by Turkish air strikes.

Başûr people go to Qandil to commemorate martyr Diyar Gharib

Hundreds of citizens of South Kurdistan from different cities have gone to Qandil to participate to commemorate the member of the Executive Body of Kurdistan communities Union Diyar Gharib, who was martyred on July 5, in Turkish air bombardment.

6 Turkish soldiers killed in ops by HPG

6 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army were killed in operations by People Defense Forces (HPG) in areas in North and South of Kurdistan.

KCK announces the martyrdom of commander Diyar Gharib

The Kurdistan Community System(KCK), noted that the member of the General Command of KCK, Diyar Gharib (Helmet), and 2 fighters with him were martyred as a result of the bombing of the Turkish occupation planes on Qandil on July 5, during a statement.

HPG disclosed 3 martyrs' record

The HPG media center revealed the record of 3 martyrs of the HPG fighters who were martyred last year in Zab and Kerzan.

HPG: Turkish occupation attacks aim to empty area of ​​its population

On Thursday (June 27th), the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement revealing military operations the Guerrilla fighters carried out against the Turkish occupation army, pointing out that the air raids the Turkish warplanes launched aim to empty the area of ​​its population.