Guerrilla deals new strikes to the Turkish occupation army

The Information Center of the People Defense Forces (HPG) issued a statement on Wednesday (June 12th), in which it revealed a series of military operations carried out by the Guerrilla fighters, targeting the Turkish occupation army in several areas in northern and southern Kurdistan, in which a number of Turkish soldiers were killed.

Turkish army suffered heavy casualties in Zakho

Self-Defense Forces in southern Kurdistan carried out an operation against the headquarters of the Turkish army in Zakho (Zaxo) , killing 20 soldiers and destroying a military vehicle.

Lice's countryside bombed

The warplanes of Turkey bombed the countryside around the neighborhood of Çavundur in Lice.

Detainees' families headed to Imrali prison to hold Eid meeting

The Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan's brother Mohammed Ocalan, the brother of Hamili Yilirim, Polat Yilirim, the borther of Omer Kheiri Konar, Amin Konar and the sister of Vistal Aktash, Sabiha Aslan headed towards Imrali Island to meet the detainees on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. 

Kirkuk Council : They aim to provoke sedition, chaos

The Council of Kirkuk, through a statement said that the purpose of the attacks is to provoke sedition, while some sources close to the Kurdistan Democratic Party, called on the Kurds to get out of the city.

Leyla Guven hospitalized

After the parliamentarian, Leyla Guven ended her hunger strike which lasted 200 days she was hospitalized to a hospital in Amed city. 

 14 Turkish soldiers killed in HPG operations

14 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army were killed in military operations carried out by the People Defense Forces (HPG) in Avashin and Serhed in northern Kurdistan.