Nechirvan Barzani clarified his position

At a time when the Kurdish people are calling for the Kurdistan Democratic Party to clarify its position on the Turkish occupation's attacks on the areas of the legitimate right to defense, the head of the regional government sits at the table of the killers of the Kurdish people, and journalists in response see that the party clarified its position.

People wonder: Is KRG supporter of occupation or resistance?

People of Qamishlo explained that the Turkish occupation's attacks, target the Kurdistan Defense Forces line represented by the People Defense Forces, indicating that while the Başur of Kurdistan Regional Government must show a strict stance towards the attacks, it legitimizes them.

In Başr Kurdistan ... post on social media may lead publisher to imprisonment

The authorities in Başûr Kurdistan continue to arrest activists and media professionals without allowing their lawyers to meet with them, while the representative of the Metro Center for Defending the Rights of Journalists in Duhok revealed that Başûr Kurdistan suffers from a greatly reduced level of freedoms, as a post on social media leads its publisher to imprisonment.

Kurds should beware of Turkish attacks on Haftanin

People of Qamishlo clarified that all Kurds must be aware of the danger of the Turkish attacks on Haftanin, indicating that these attacks do not target a specific party, forces or region, but rather all the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan.

Başur Kurdistan .. series of violations, and media professionals warn: situation is bad

Violations have intensified against media professionals in Başur of Kurdistan by the ruling party. Media professionals, including those who were arrested by the authorities, narrated the harassment and threats they are subjected to, and indicated that the ruling party “fears that the media will expose the rampant corruption and the bad situation in the region. "