Yazidis ... Agreement represents new plot against Şengal

The Yazidis of Al-Darbasiyah district described the agreement held between Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) and Bagdad as a new "plot" against Şengal, noting that the Yazidi people determine their fate themselves.

Yazidis: Bagdad-Hewler agreement on Şingal comes under dictates of Turkey

The Yezidis in North and East Syria made clear that Hewler-Bagdad agreement regarding the fate of Şingal is rejected altogether and in detail, as it did not take the opinion of its people into consideration. They noted that the agreement was made under the Turkish dictates par excellence demanded that the KRG not to be dragged behind Turkey's policies.

KNK Co-chair: They plot to expel Yazidis from Şingal

The KNK Co-chair, Ahmed Karamos commented on Hawler-Baghdad agreement: “They seek to undermine the Autonomous Administration that was announced by the Yazidis and expel the Yazidi community from Şingal to commit a new massacre.”

They cannot obscure our sun behind bars

Academicians and intellectuals explained that tightening isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan aims at his surrender and erasure of his thought and philosophy spread in many regions of the world, and they said: "They cannot obscure our sun behind bars."

Turkey aims to separate the four parts of Kurdistan

Head of the Democratic Union Party Office in the Euphrates region Ismail Sam'o pointed out that the aim of Turkey is to separate all parts of Kurdistan by its efforts to control the region of Haftanin, stressing on the necessity of unifying all Kurds to confront the Turkish assaults on the Kurdish areas. 

Bagdad-KRG agreement terms on Şingal disclosed

The Iraqi federal government and the KRG announced, on Friday, that they had reached an agreement regarding Şingal, which the two sides described as “historic,” without taking into account the opinion of the people of Şingal, who when they were subjected to the most heinous massacre and violations at the hands of ISIS under the ears and eyes of the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga. What are the terms of this agreement?

Baghdad, KRG governments reach agreement on Şengal, that ignored locals' demands?

The media office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi, said that the latter had reached an agreement with a delegate from the government of Başûr Kurdistan dominated by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, on administrative and security affairs in the province of Şengal, that suffered from ISIS massacres after the two governments' forces fled in 2014, leaving civilians behind. 

Turkish authorities detain 9 people in Kars

Turkish court in Kars sentenced 9 other peoples to prison who were arrested within the framework of the political extermination campaign conducted by the Turkish authorities.