HPG reveals record of 3 of its fighters

The Media Center of the People Defense Forces HPG revealed the record of three fighters martyred in Mêrdînê in Bakur, " north Kurdistan."

HPG announces martyrdom of fighters in Turkish occupation bombardment

In a statement on Friday (27 September), the People’s Defense Forces (HPG) said that a fighter from the ranks of Guerrilla and a fighter of Free Women's Units was martyred after an aerial bombardment by Turkish warplanes in Şirnex and Badlis in northern Kurdistan.

Large demo in Makhmour camp in protest against the siege

The camp "martyr Rustam Judi" in Makhmour district of Nineveh province, Iraq, on Thursday witnessed a mass demonstration to denounce the siege imposed by the Asayiş forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) on the camp, while demonstrators demanded the authorities of the region to lift the siege.

HPG:15 Turkish soldiers killed in Medya areas

The People’s Defense Forces (HPG) and YJA-Star Units carried out series of special operation in the Medya areas in which 15 Turkish soldiers killed.  

Guerrilla fighters target a Turkish combat helicopter in Khakurk

The People’s Protection Units (HPG) said in a statement today (5 September), that Guerrilla fighters targeted a combat helicopter belonging to the Turkish occupation army in the region of "Khakurk" in the areas of legitimate defense (Medya), and managed to hit and disable it.