HPG inflict blows to the Turkish occupation army

The fighters of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) carried out a series of military operations against the Turkish occupation army in several areas in southern and northern Kurdistan, which resulted in the killing of two Turkish soldiers and wounding others.

13 Turkish soldiers killed in specific operations of HPG

The People Defense Forces, HPG, announced killing of 13 Turkish occupation soldiers during operations carried out by fighters of Guerrillas in Heftanin and Cile, amid air strikes launched by the Turkish warplanes on the legitimate defense areas (Medya).

Laila Guven sends a message to European political officials

Co-Chair of the KCD and HDP Parliamentarian in Colemerg Laila Guven sent a letter to European political officials referring to the recently increased repression by the Justice and Development Party in Turkey.

Iraqi forces stationed in Zaxo mountains

A force from the Iraqi Government's 1st Brigade Border Guard was stationed on the mountains on the border of Zaxo's Batufa and Darkari towns.

6 Turkish soldiers killed in Xwakurk and Gever

Fighters of the People Defense Forces, HPG and the Free Women Units - Star carried out several operations against the Turkish occupation army in Gever and Xwakurk, the operations resulted in killing of 6 soldiers and the destruction of a vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation army.