​​​​​​​KNK: Kurds have opportunities and risks, too

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) announced, in a statement, the results of its meeting that it held via the Internet on April 11, 2021, the most prominent items of its agenda were the election of members and the renewal of its institutions. In the statement, it was mentioned that the council’s meeting was held via the Internet on April 11, 2021, during which political events and the situation in Kurdistan and the world were discussed extensively.

Yazidis: Hewlêr-Baghdad agreement aims to repeat Şengal massacres

Yazidi citizens in the Ad-Darbasiyah sub-district denounced the Hewlêr - Baghdad agreement, and affirmed that it was a repeat of the massacres in Şengal in 2014, stating that this agreement is a pressure card on northern and eastern Syria as well.

SDF: Turkish Defence allegations untrue

Media Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces has released a tweet clarifying allegations made by Turkish State media that 3 of the SDF fighters were martyred noting that these were untrue allegations.

Şengal residents will foil all agreements plotted against them

Member of the Yazidi Union in Afrin canton, Suleiman Jaafar, said that the agreements signed on Şengal province aim to take revenge for ISIS/ Daesh, but these agreements will thwart due to Şengal people's resistance and their rallying around their Autonomous Administration.

​​​​​​​Shemo Khudida: Shengal belongs only to Yazidis

 One of the dignitaries of the Yazidi clans in Shengal Mount, Shemo Khudida, affirmed that "all the Yazidis support their military forces, represented by the Shengal Protection Forces, calling on the Iraqi government to recognize the legitimacy of the Autonomous Administration in Shengal."

Aleppo ... Yezidis denounce Iraqi government's threats against Şengal

The Yazidi youth in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo today organized a torchlight march, in opposition to the threats and demands of the Iraqi government to leave Asayis Şengal Izidxan out of Şengal, and in the same context the Yazidi House issued a statement to the public opinion.

Leader Freedom Committee calls on CPT to bear responsibility

A campaign has been undertaken by the Leader Freedom Committee in North Eastern Syria urging the European committee CPT to bear it's responsibility towards leader Abdullah Ocalan as well as calling on people to take part.