Turkish occupation army receives painful blows in Avaşîn , Heftanîn

​​​​​​​The Media Center of the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces (HPG), issued a statement to the public opinion saying that the Guerilla Forces and the Women's Units - Star were able to direct painful blows to the Turkish occupation army in the  Avaşîn and Heftanîn regions.

Dohuk court sentences Mulla Nazir, Gonish to 7 years in prison

 The Dohuk court of the Kurdistan region sentenced to seven years in prison a member of the Zakho branch of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Mulla Nazir Barwari, and a member of the Peoples' Democratic Party, Nemat Gonish.

Sarhad's killers not been arrested yet

 The official of the Information Corporation (PUK intelligence agency) stated that the people who carried out the attacks in Sulaymaniyah were arrested in the last two days.  The PUK's Anti-Terrorism also announced, in a statement, that they will issue important documents to public opinion in the coming days.

TEV-DEM calls on Kurds to rise to the occasion

Movement for a Democratic Society, the TEV-DEM, warned Kurdish people and powers against the graveness of plots hatched by the Turkish occupation by targeting strugglers, figures and leaders calling to rise to the occasion.

Shukri Serhed martyred in armed attack

Member of the PKK Martyrs Families Council, Yasin Bulut, Shukri Serhed,  was martyred in an armed attack carried out in the city of Sulaimaniye.

6 Turkish occupation soldiers killed by HPG in Colemêrg

People's Defense Forces' fighters (HPG), carried out reprisals against the Turkish occupation army in the Kurdistan state of Colemêrg, in retaliation for the guerrilla fighters who were martyred in the occupation's chemical attacks.