Turkish jets bomb Shiran Valley

The Turkish occupation army has bombed Shiran Valley in Amediya city in Başûr (Southern Kurdistan).

Turkish plane shot down in Bashan area

HPG and YJA-Star shot down a helicopter belonging to the Turkish occupation in the Bashan district of Ider northern Kurdistan.

One Contra element killed in Şirnex

People's Defense Forces have carried out a sniping operation in the city of Şirnex (Bakur Kurdistan) and confirmed killing one element of the Contra.

Leyla Khalid: We will be stronger together

A member of the Political Bureau of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Leyla Khalid, visited the parliamentarian Leyla Guven. During the visit, Leyla Khalid stressed the need to follow the path of the liberation of the people and renewed her insistence on resistance to victory.

HPG revealed 5 martyrs' records

The Media Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG) disclosed the records of the five fighters martyred during battles the forces were engaged in against the Turkish occupation army in Zagros area within the lawful defense zones in 2017, and that during a statement.

HPG carries out operation against Turkish occupation army in Çelê

 The People Defense Forces(HPG) and the Free Women's Units- (YJA-Star) carried out an operation against the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army in Çelê, and the forces said they had inflicted heavy blows at the points of concentration of the Turkish occupation army.

Khlafti's police, they cast their votes without any clues

According to information, the Turkish police are being transferred from the cities of Kamarsin, Adana, Antalya and Konya to the outskirts of Khalfti Barha. They are casting their ballots without confirmation, and the elections in the village of Hilali have been suspended because they are voted in public.

Leyla Guven's resistance entered 144 days

The Parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' party Leyla Guven continues her hunger strike, whose hunger strike entered 144 days, protesting the isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people.