HPG declares killing 5 of Turkish occupiers

The Turkish occupation army bombed the defense areas 10 times with warplanes, 44 times with cannons and tanks, and as a result of the response of the Guerrilla fighters to the attacks, the HPG’s Media Center announced the killing of 5 soldiers of the occupation.

Another six-month ban imposed on leader Ocalan

The Turkish authorities have taken a new ban against the leader Abdullah Ocalan, about whom no information has been received since March 25, 2021, as he is prohibited from meeting with his family and lawyer for another 6 months.

They take turns until dawn every day

The Iraqi army is still trying to besiege Makhmour camp with barbed wire, and in return, the people of Makhmour have continued their resistance for 12 days.

 Iraqi army trying to cut off water supply in the camp

The Iraqi army seeks to take control of the well that supplies water to Makhmour camp, in an attempt to cut off the water from it, amid the continued resistance of the camp residents on its tenth day.