Cautious calm on fronts, meeting between Russian, Turkish forces in Aliya

Al-Debs village of Ain Issa and villages west of Girê Spî witnessed bombardment and sporadic attacks by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Wednesday night, followed by cautious calm so far, while a meeting was held between the Russian and Turkish forces in Aliya silos on Wednesday night, followed by the advance of the regime forces towards the silos of Sherkrak.

Turkey's gangs reinforced their forces north, west Ain Issa district

Turkish occupation army's mercenaries have intensified their reinforcements on outskirt of Ain Issa district amid intensive of hovering drones over the sky of the district, which prepares for launching new attack on the district which has been exposing to attack since the beginning of the Turkish occupation.

Violent attacks on Ain Issa

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries launch a violent attack on Ain Issa district.