Turkish occupation, its gangs occupy Shirkrak silos

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries occupied Shirlrak silos in GIRÊ SPî canton again, after they withdrew from it yesterday after an agreement with the Russian and Syrian regime forces.

Displaced: Erdogan's safe area was an argument for killing, displacing civilians

​​​​​​​A female citizen who had been displaced from her village in Tal-Abyed/ GIRÊ SPî district, said the safe area he was claiming was under false pretext just for killing and displacing civilians, and called on the international community and human rights associations to ensure their return to their homes and the expulsion of mercenaries from them.

War wounded: The so-called

War wounded in the city of Hasaka called for the inclusion of the so-called "National Army" in the lists of terrorism because of the violations committed against the people of northern and eastern Syria, and they demanded the people of Rojava to stand with their hero fighters.

Education process resumed in Tel-Tamr schools

Educational process has been continued in north east of Syria, despite circumstances of war and exodus, while the children are still suffering from repercussions of war, and the the teachers seek to continue the Education process and remove psychological trauma from the students.

Turkey's gangs launch attack on Arida village

The Syrian Democratic Forces repelled an attack by the Turkish occupation army mercenaries on the village of Arida in the countryside of Tal Abyad canton.