SDF: Turkish occupation bombs populated areas, damages property

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed in a statement that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are continuing to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria with the aim of expanding their occupation in the region, noting that the bombing affects populated areas, and that it damages the property of the people.

Turkey's gangs torture, kill who return to his home

Displaced family narrated what they have seen in Serêkaniyê's streets, where they found dozens of civilians had been killed due to Turkish occupation's shelling, but their relatives wanred them not to return to Serêkaniyê in the presence Turkey's gangs," because they torture and kill those who return to it."

Education committee promise to solve education's issue in WashoKani camp

More than1,050 students who have been displaced from areas in NE, Syria ,they headed toward Washokani camp to settle there, are waiting for new chance  to return to continue  their teaching , after being displaced from their homes, but Pedagogy and Education Committee has promised to solve this problme soon.

What is happening in al-Shirkark silos in Ain Issa district?

The Turkish occupation army withdrew from al-Shirkrak silo, according it seems agreement with Russia, while yesterday, the Russian forces headed with the Syrian regime to remove mines in the silos' vicinity, we have no precise information about the forces which will be stationed in the silos.