“We'll kill you there and accuse SDF fighters”

Yasser Sayyid Ahmed from the occupied city of Girê Spi said: He was subjected to torture relentlessly by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army under the pretext that he was dealing with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and revealed that the mercenaries said to him: "We will take you to the fighting fronts, and we will kill you there, and accuse the SDF fighters of committing this crime."

Commander in SDF explains latest filed developments in Ain Issa

A commander in SDF confirmed that the Turkish occupation practices the policy of special war against civilians in its intention to displace the largest number of indigenous people to resettle the families of their mercenaries instead of them and make a demographic change, so it constantly bombards the villages of Ain Issa and flies its drones almost daily to intimidate the people.

Displaced from Serekaniye, witness to the most heinous crimes of Turkish aggression

The days still reveal the crimes of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries. Every day there are new victims whose stories float to the surface after they were flooded with blood at the hands of those who once claimed to be “Syrian revolutionaries” to prove today that they are slaves and mercenaries for the occupier, a slavery that the children and youth of Syria pay its price.