Refugee: Turkish occupation executed 14 citizens from al-Bakara clan

Displaced citizen said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries committed war crimes in the village of al-Manajir belonging to Serêkaniyê, explaining that the mercenaries executed 14 citizens of al-Bakara clan, through field execution in the center of the city.

Mercenaries demolished martyrs' shrines tombstones in Tel-Abyed

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation demolished the tombstones of the shrines of the martyrs in the shrine of the martyr Mahmoud Tomaha in the village of Tanouza (10 km) west of the city of Girê Spî/ Tel Abyad occupied.

Girê Spî Council: We provide our services to more than 70,000 displaced

The Girê Spî Canton Council is responsible for all forcibly displaced persons, as a result of the Turkish attack on Girê Spî / Tel Abyad and its occupied countryside, and it is now based in Ain Issa to provide the necessary services for the displaced who numbered more than 70 thousand.