Political researcher: KRG monopolizes the goods of the region for itself

Journalist and researcher, Kawa Nader, the exacerbation the situation in Southern Kurdistan to pervasive corruption within the region authorities, saying” the economy of the Southern Kurdistan under supervision Mafia, those who are controlling the exports and imports in the region, while the residents are starving, stressing to change the ruling regime in Southern Kurdistan.

Dibo: Russia positive towards decentralization modelled on AANES

Sihanok Dibo confirmed that the Russian Foreign Minister showed a serious possibility of including SDC in the political process and representation in the Syrian constitution adding stress was laidf upon decentralization in talks in Moscow.

Researcher clarifies goals of “No Paper” Jordan, Darar sends message to Arab states

 During the past few days, the media focused on the Jordanian document on Syria, and at a time when journalist and analyst Hussein Omar indicated that the goals of this document are purely economic, the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Darar, stressed that it does not serve its same goals and sent a message to the Arab countries regarding a solution in Syrian Arab Republic.

Al-Abed: We agree on Syrian lands’ unity

​​​​​​​The vice-co-chairmanship of Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hamdan Al-Abed, stressed the need to crystallize a solution to the Syrian crisis away from European capitals, reiterating the administration's calls for the Damascus government to start a constructive dialogue.

Siko: Turkey has no more cards to play

Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria, Abdul Kareem Siko noted that the deteriorating situation in Turkey and the reduction of power of AKP all cast doubts on Turkey ability to carry out an offensive against NES.