Alfred Riachi: Syria needs AANES model

Head of the Continual Federal Congress said the authoritarian regimes proved a failure in pluralism laying stress Syria needs a system similar to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.

 Koçer: If we do not liberate occupied territories, Syria to be divided

 Hassan Koçer warned that the Damascus government's continuation of its unilateral policies and its refusal to dialogue in light of the Turkish occupation of Syrian lands might eventually lead to the division of the country, and reiterated their readiness for a constructive dialogue with the Damascus government to preserve the country's unity.

Qel Egi: settling strangers in Afrin is a grave issue

Head of the Syrian Party for Change and Renaissance Mustafa Qel Egi called for the cancellation of the Adana Agreement warning against dangers of the demographic change taking place in areas under Turkish occupation.

Qassas warns against "reconciliations", describes them as traps

 The head of the Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria, Firas Qassas, considered that the so-called "settlements" carried out by the Damascus government are nothing but traps, warning that their goal is to restore Syria before 2011.

Syrian Badia turns into an arena of competition between Russia and Iran... What strategic importance?

 The competition between Russia and Iran over the Syrian Badia intensified, after the latter strengthened its military presence there, which encouraged the former to launch a broad polarization campaign for the benefit of the part of the Damascus government forces loyal to it - the Eighth Brigade - and to expand its influence further within the region. What is the strategic importance of the Badia?

Talal Mohammad: Syrian regime prepared to dialogue with any party that agrees with its mentality

The co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed has criticized the policies of the Damascus Government, which rejects dialogue with the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, but it thinks, it has no problem to hold dialogue with Turkey, which occupies about 12% of Syrian’s territory, confirming there is no solution of the Syrian crisis only to hold dialogue with AANES.

Politicians describe coincidence of Turkish attacks with closure of crossings as agreement between enemy and traitor

 Politicians confirmed that the simultaneous attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on northern and eastern Syria, and the closure of the crossings by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, is nothing but the policy of Astana's sponsors and a prior agreement between the "traitor and the enemy", to weaken the Autonomous Administration project.