Iyad Khatib: ISIS serves some global powers

Deputy Chair of the Studies and Thought Rehabilitation in Syria's Future Party that Syrian government and Turkey beside other global powers are benefitting from ISIS.

 International expert: ISIS tried to impose a new reality, and SDF defended all Syrians, world

 The expert and professor in international relations, Dr. Hamid Fares, confirmed that the attacks of ISIS were aimed at imposing a new reality with a green light by external forces, led by Turkey, and pointed out that the "Hammer of Peoples" campaign was a successful operation by all standards and defended all Syrians and the world, and demanded that all international powers with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

​​​​​​​Hesso: Turkey furious at ISIS defeat, so launched aerial raids on Kurds  

The co-chair of the Movement for Democratic Society (TEV-DEM), Ghraib Hesso, said that the Turkish occupation sees its existence relating of the extermination of the Kurdish people and the peoples of North and East Syria, and that it has not been able to defeat ISIS in Hasakah City. So, is seeking to take avenge by launching air raids on North and East Syria, Mexmûr (Maxmur) and Shengal.

International law specialist: Keeping ISIS without trial is breach of the law

International law specialist has confirmed the necessity to take steps by the international community to act according the enduring danger posed by ISIS/ Daesh in Syria, and establishment of the international trial for them, confirming the failure to prosecute ISIS so far is a violation of international laws and evasion of moral and legal responsibilities.

​​​​​​​Researcher and political analyst: Attack on prison requires aerial reconnaissance, which means that there is another player in equation

The Egyptian researcher and political analyst, Islam Fikri Najm al-Din, said that launching such an attack by ISIS mercenaries on the Al-Sina'a prison in the city of Hasaka requires aerial reconnaissance and monitoring teams, which means that there is another player in the equation that supports ISIS to penetrate the defenses of the prison.

​​​​​​​ Dirar: There is prior coordination, sustained preparation for organized attack on prison

 The co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Dirar, confirmed that there is prior coordination and sustainable preparation for the organized attack on the Al-Sina'a prison in Hasaka, and pointed out that these attacks aim to distort the image of the SDF and the security forces, and explained that their coincidence with the Turkish attacks is remarkable.