Seko: Kurdish people denounces PDK's moves

Abdul Karim Seko said that the Kurdish people denounce the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) moves and stressed that history will record the PDK-affiliated forces' attacks against the Guerrilla forces that fight the Turkish occupation, and stressed the importance of Kurdish unity.

What takes place in Basur aims at Kurdish Infighting 

General Council of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD, has indicated that latest event in Basur Kurdistan is a Turkish hatched plot that aims at Kurdish infighting, calling on Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, to find a peaceful solution and open dialogue, and that the Peshmergha Forces must not be a part to plots that are being hatched against our people, as well as the people to foil all plots.

Politicians and Intellectuals: KDP's latest attack is dangerous move

Kurdish politicians and intellectuals said that the recent attack by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces against the guerrilla forces is a dangerous move that came with Turkish dictations and serves its interests, and they emphasized that Kurdistan is going through sensitive conditions that need protecting Kurdish gains.

 Widespread support for prosecuting ISIS mercenaries

Ambassadors and representatives of human rights organizations indicated that it is time to have justice done to “those who committed atrocities in Syria and Iraq,” and for his part, Bedran Ciya Kurd called for the establishment of an international court in the autonomous-administrated regions, similar to the Nuremberg court.

After "CPT" report isolation tightened more

​​​​​​​The lawyer of the leader Abdullah Ocalan Mazlûm Dînç pointed out they had sent their report to the European Committee against Torture (CPT), regarding the violation of international laws practiced in Imrali prison, and said," the mission of this committee is to stop torture, not just document it."

Efforts to recognize AANES should be scaled up

Talal Muhammad held as likely the reason for not recognizing the Autonomous Administration (AA), saying: "Some parties do not want to solve the Syrian crisis, foremost the Baathist regime, Turkey, Iran and Russia." He stressed the need to intensify diplomatic efforts for this issue.

Ismail: Russian guarantor never fulfilled obligations

The co-chair of Girê Spî Council Hevin Ismail called on the Russian state to fulfill its obligations as a guarantor state, criticizing Russia's denial of the promises it made to the people of Ain Issa and its notables.