2nd consultative meeting held in Stockholm under auspice SDC

Yesterday, Saturday, the Syrian Democratic Council held a second consultative meeting in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, in preparation for the "Conference of Democratic Forces and Personalities", with the participation of Syrian opposition forces, democratic figures and representatives of the American, British and Swiss foreign affairs.

Barsoum: Political understanding will consolidate the dialogue between political parties

Sanharib Barsoum believes that the political understanding that was concluded between the Syriac Union and the Assyrian Organization will be an incentive to open dialogue between other parties and blocs. He stressed that the Turkish attack against a civilian car on the Akito feast is a targeting of the Akito and the Assyrian Syriac.

Sheikh Hamad al Faraj decries the separation wall between Shengal, NE Syria

​​​​​​​The sheikh of the al-Walda clans, Sheikh Hamid al-Faraj, confirmed that the wall that the Iraqi government is implementing between Shengal and north and east Syria is similar to the apartheid wall, and comes in implementation of dirty Turkish agendas, and called on all Arab tribes to stand against this wall and destroy it.

Gherib Hiso: threats against NES still exist

Co-chair of the Movement for a Democratic Society Gherib Hiso sad threats against North eastern Syria still exist adding they will resist according to ideas of leader Ocalan.

New round of "Constitutionality".

With the preparations for the convening of its seventh round, talks returned again to the so-called Constitutional Committee whose previous rounds failed to achieve any progress, as Hikmat Habib saw that "the course of this committee is based on the interests of regional powers amid a timid international position," warning of the danger of imposing any constitution on the Syrians.