Ahmad Shekho: Turkey wants to restore  Ottoman Empire

The member of the Committee  of the Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration in Europe , Ahmad Shekho said: “Turkey is seeking to achieve the ambitions which its ancestors failed to achieve.”

Siko: National council procrastinates to thwart the Kurdish unity

Dr. Abdul Karim Siko, Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, and General Coordinator of the Union of Kurdish Parties Forces in Rojava, indicated that the Kurdish National Council is stalling to thwart all projects aimed at the unity of the Kurdish rank.

Nassir Yagir :kurds have to unite row to achieve victory as in Kobani's

Representative of Democatic Peoples Party in southern kurdistan, Nassir Yagir, said: "All Kurds must stand together to protect Kurdistan from the Turkish attacks and aggression, because with unity they can achieve victory as they did in Kobane," Representative of the  Democatic Peoples Party in southern kurdistan, Nassir Yagir, said.

Sheikh al-sadda al-Hayalen invites for unity in order to defeat peoples' foes

Sheikh of al-Sadda al-Hayalen clan explained that SDF has strengthened the position of the components of the area, from Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Syriacs, and Yazidis, and appealed to all clans' notables in the area to unite their ranks and support AA because it has the right to do so.

Dialogue is escape ship, safety-valve for Syrian people

A number of Future Syria Party’s members pointed to the necessity for concerted efforts in the current phase to reach safety through activating the bases of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue to end the occupation and close the door on the external interventions.

Politicians: Democratic nation approach is the best solution for peoples’ issues, ongoing isolation is continuing conflict

Many politicians in Girkê Legê saw that the project of the democratic nation that was suggested by the Leader Abdullah Ocalan is considered the basis for the solution for the society problems and the sectarian, national and religious conflicts. They stressed that the ongoing isolation on Ocalan means the continuation of the conflict in the Middle East.

Çiya Kurd: There is no direct dialogue between AA, regime yet

The Deputy co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration (AA) of Northern and Eastern Syria revealed that there is a third-party effort for dialogue between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian regime, but he said, "There is no direct political dialogue process yet."

 Journalist: Turkey supports Brotherhood Movement wherever it exists

Chairman of Directors Board of " Al liwa'a Al Arabi newspaper"Mahmoud Hassan said: "The intervention of the Turkish state in Libya is a flagrant violation of the Libyan territory, and it is also moving as a force to support the Brotherhood movement wherever it exists."

Some parties making excuses and pretexts to escape from Kurdish unity

The Co-Chairman of the Union of the Intellectuals in  Hasake city explained, that the Kurdish people are united, but some parties work according to their interests, and  make excuses and pretexts to escape from Kurdish unity, he wished that the new year will be a year  for the Unity of the  Kurdish parties.