Abu Al-Arraj :"Turkey lives dilemma in Idlib"

The deputy commander-in-chief of Al-Thewar Army, Ahmed Sultan(Abu Al-Arraj), said that Turkey would be forced to step down from Idlib if it breached its obligations with Russia and Iran under the Astana agreements.

Tribal notables invite Syrian refugees to retune to their homeland

Arab Sheikhs' notables have called from the Syrian refugees who are residing in Turkey to return to their liberated areas and stressed their rejection of Turkish tutelage on buffer zone which is scheduled to be established in north and east of Syria.

Berry: Turkey seeks to make demographic change as much as possible

The Director of the Center for Borders, Kadar Berry, explained that Turkey seeks through its vision of the buffer zone to make demographic change, as happened in Afrin, and pointed out that the achievement of north and east of Syria has been implemented and that if Turkey could attack, it would have done from the beginning but looking for a deal with Washington. He stressed that if Washington allowed Ankara to attack areas of north and east of Syria will end its role in Syria

Occupation of N, E Syria means occupation of all Syrian territory

 The member of the General Council of the Syria Future Party in ad-Darbasiya, said that the Justice and Development Party and its President Erdogan are seeking to export their internal crises abroad. She noted that Turkey's goal is to occupy the entire Syrian territory.

Future Syria Party's member: Turkey still aspires to occupy Tel-Rifat 

 Future Syria Party's member in the branch of Afrin canton has called the people to support the project of the decentralized democratic in Syria to confront the Turkish occupation to occupy north and east of Syria, stressing that Turkey is still continuing its plans to occupy more Syrian's territories.

Why are ENKS not opening its offices in N, E of Syria?

ENKS decided not to open its offices in north and east of Syria because of its knowledge that their popular presence had shrunk considerably and that it would affect its relationship with Turkey, and stressed the need to distort the reality of Autonomous Administration.

' Mercenaries of Daesh are time bombs'

Member of the General Council of the Future Syria Party of al-Jazeera branch, said it is difficult to control the thousands of mercenaries in the prisons of Self-Administration and the women in the camp, if the Turkish occupation launched an attack on areas of northern and eastern Syria, describing them as " time bombs".

Al-Deghim: Turkey wants to sow discord in area

Mehidi al-Deghim has explained that Turkey "seeks to create chaos to support Daesh mercenaries' efforts to enter the lands of north and east of Syria after the purge of the terrorism of blacks," stressing that peoples' fraternity are not accepting any Turkish presence on the north of Syria and threaten the security and stability of the region.

Khalil: buffer zone 32 km depth aims to eliminate AA

Eldar Khalil said that Turkey state seeks through the establishment of the buffer zone to occupy north and east of Syria, and the depth of 32 km that Turkey wants to eliminate Autonomous Administration, he also stressed that they are also demanding a buffer zone to protect them from Turkish threats.

Tireless efforts to unit Kurdish rank

KNK-Rojava intensified its efforts since the beginning of the new year to unite the Kurdish rank to confront the threats against north and east of Syria amid the international change in the Middle East.

Oso: Turkish threats to undermine diplomatic efforts of AA 

The Head of Future Syria party 's Branch in Euphrates region, Azad Oso said that the Turkish threats aimed to undermine the diplomatic efforts of Autonomous Administration in international forums, after the victory militarily that had been achieved of the eradication of Daesh mercenaries, which is considered one of the Turkey's tools in Syria