Atti: We are not concerned with results of Constitutional Committee

 The co-chair of the General Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria,the AANES, Farid Atti, refused to recognize the results of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee, pointing out that the constitution is a social contract that earns its legitimacy from the participation of everyone.

Ozun: Turkish state wants to keep Middle East instable

 Adam Ozun pointed out that the Turkish state uses chemical weapons against the Kurdish people before the eyes of the world and warned, "If the Turkish state advances in the face of Guerilla, a new phase of the war will begin in all of Kurdistan and the Middle East."

Koçer: Any new Turkish aggression to be met with unprecedented popular resistance

 The deputy Co-chair of the Joint Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Hasan Koçer, explained that the threats of the Turkish occupation state come from a weakness, and that any further occupation process will deepen the Syrian crisis, stressing that the occupation will be met with unprecedented popular resistance.

Muslim: AKP regime seeks to export its internal crisis  

​​​​​​​Saleh Muslim said that if the Justice and Development party AKP launched any possible attack on north and east Syria, it would be confronted strongly, we have no choice just resistance.

Politicians' displeasure with PDK: Do not become tool at Turkish State hands

Politicians Rojava expressed their indignation at the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which stands by the occupying Turkish state and attacks the Guerrilla, saying: "Do not become a tool of the Turkish state, return to your Kurdish." The politicians also called on the Kurdish National Council not to become a tool at the hands of occupation and extermination.

Yuksel Koç: Global powers support Turkish state’s chemical attacks against Kurds

Co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Community Conference in Europe, Yuksel Koç, explained that the occupying Turkish state was committing massacres against the Kurdish people, using chemical weapons, in the eyes of the whole world, saying" Turkish state used chemical weapons against Guerrilla fighters with supporting of international powers."

Qassas: Any new Turkish attack won't be an easy walk.

The head of the Modernity and Democracy Party, Firas, said that Erdogan's recent threats are not new, stressing that north and eastern Syria with all its components will address any potential Turkish attack.

Observer: Turkey aims to destroy Kurds

Political analyst and observer on Turkish affairs Mohamed Abu Sabha said that the Turkish president Receb Tayyip Erdogan succeeded in functioning the so-called Syrian opposition to annihilate the Kurdish existence in Syria.