Ibrahim Kaftan: Everyone agreed that Turkey invaded these areas

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim Kaftan, said that the Turkish occupation of areas in Syria came with international satisfaction, whether direct or secret, and also held the Syrian regime responsible for the Turkish expansion in the Syrian territories.

Khojah: Turkey is directly responsible for killing of the Libyan people

Member of the Administrative Body of the Democratic Union Party Ahmed Khojah said: The Turkish state is responsible for killing the Libyan people as a result of its expansionist policies in the region, which aim to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire.

Hesso: Intellectuals must strengthen diplomatic relations externally and internally

The Joint President of the Democratic Society Movement, Gharib Hesso, said that intellectuals have to strengthen their diplomatic and cultural relations on a larger scale to contribute in solving this crisis, and embrace the message of the Democratic Nation by focusing on the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence.

Hamid al-Abd: Erdogan's demographic change is not the product of the moment

The co-chair of Girê Spi Provincial Council, Hamid Al-Abed, pointed out that Erdogan's demographic change is not the result of the moment, but that it has been practiced since the beginning of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, calling on the international community and the Russian guarantor to put an end to greed and violations against the defenseless people.

SDC: Syrian people must solidarity, declaring war till liberation Afrin

The Syrian Democratic Council SDC called on the international community to end the Turkish occupation of Afrin, and return its forcibly displaced people to their homes, at the same time addressing the Syrian people together and standing hand to hand, and declaring a comprehensive liberation war for the occupied lands by Turkey.

PYD: Afrin was the first link to the occupation and demographic change of the entire Syrian north

The Democratic Union Party indicated that the invasion and occupation of Afrin was the first link of the occupation of all the Syrian north to change the demography of the region, indicating that Afrin was wounded in the heart of every Kurd and Syrian and every honorable person does not accept treachery and invasion, and every defender of moral and human values, Stressing that all Kurdish and Kurdish forces must be one hand in the face of this policy.

​​​​​​​Jordanian human rights comment on UN report on Syria

Human rights activists and civil society organizations in Jordan considered the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries as the so-called "Syrian National Army", war crimes, in response to the absence of Turkish violations in NE, Syria from a United Nations report.

Hadia Yousef: Afrin, occupied areas liberation is title of diplomatic meetings

Member of Kongra Star Coordination, Hadia Yousef, said : "The issue of Afrin and the occupied areas liberation is at the title of the diplomatic meetings." She also stressed on continuing the struggle and steadfastness till the return of Afrin people to their homes under the international guarantee.