Baha al-Awam: Escalation between Turkey Europeans will continue till London Summit

Syrian writer and journalist Baha al-Awam stressed that the escalation between Turkey and the European Union, whether in the issue of ISIS or the West, will continue until the summit between Erdogan and the leaders of Germany, France and Britain in London early next month, pointing out that either everyone agrees on the situation in northern and eastern Syria We are seeing a new course for Turkish talks with Washington and Moscow.

Abu Seada: Turkey's attacks are war crimes and must be transported to ICC

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, Dr. Hafez Abu Seada, confirmed that the violations recorded during the Turkish attacks on northern and eastern Syria are classified as war crimes, and called on the United Nations to form a committee to investigate these crimes in preparation for transporting the file to the International Criminal Court.

Assyrian Democratic Party member: Simel and Sipho scenario repeated

A member of the Assyrian Democratic Party, Shimon Kalo, pointed out that the attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries from Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra target all components of the region, noting that the attack targets the components unit.

Kenno: We reject all forms of Turkification policy in Syria

A member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Unity Party in Syria, Moussa Kenno, said that the Turkish occupation lives in fictitious dreams when it considers the re-scenario of the Iskenderun area in Syria, stressing his rejection of the occupation policy pursued by Turkey. 

Al-Awam: Turkish threats must be taken seriously

The Syrian journalist Baha al-Awam said that Erdogan will not be allowed to cross the American red lines in northern and eastern Syria, and pointed out that Erdogan wants to occupy small pockets to say that he has achieved his goals, stressing that America will not make efforts to stop the Turkish expansion in the cities of the north and east of Syria.

SDC member expects escalation in Idlib

Badran Hammou, a member of the Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), did not rule out the resumption of military escalation in Idlib between regime forces and mercenaries because of the importance of the north-western province to both sides.

Osu all components must share in drafting constitution committee

The co-chair of al-Hasakeh Canton Council, Abdul Ghani Osu, expressed the rejection of any constitution that does not include all components of the region, He said: "The Syrian constitution must be shared by all the sects and components in Syria, at that time it is a recognized constitution."

Syriac Union: Exclusion of representatives of AA means exclusion will of actors in democratic change

The Syriac Union Party said that "the exclusion of representatives of the Autonomous Administration(AA) in northern and eastern Syria from the Constitutional Committee is not exclusion of a particular component or party, but rather the exclusion of the will of the actors on the ground and the exclusion of their project of bringing about the required democratic change and trying to marginalize the great role and achievements of the AA, especially in fighting and eliminating terrorism.

Sheikh Baqi: hidden schemes behind of forming constitutional committee

Kurdish politician Jamal Sheikh Baqi said that the exclusion of the Syrian Democratic Council from the Syrian constitutional committee is an acknowledgment of the division of Syria, adding that "Syrian-Syrian dialogue is the way to resolve the Syrian crisis.

Al-Qeftan: formation of constitutional committee violates UN resolution 2254

The head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qeftan, considered the formation of the constitutional committee as a violation of UN resolution 2254, and did not expect its success because of neglect of "the most important representative in the subject of the democratic process, the sons of northern and eastern Syria."

Writer: Parties fought against ISIS must be involved in drafting constitution

 A Syriac writer criticized the UN's disregard for the involvement of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria in the constitution drafting process, and added" the UN must invite those who have maintained the territorial integrity of Syria, and fight mercenaries, not those who sponsor terrorism."

A military commander expects an escalation in Idlib

The commander of the Northern Democratic Forces, Abu Omar al-Idlibi, expected a military escalation in the province of Idlib after the tripartite summit, which gathered "the guarantors of Astana" in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Daly: Constitutional committee emerged due to Astana guarantors, Guterres violated international resolution

The expert and political analyst Khurshid Daly asserted that Guterres contradicted UN Resolution 2,254, which stipulated that all components of the Syrian people should be involved in the political solution. He explained that the vision of the regime and the so-called opposition to the extent of contradiction on the tasks of the Constitutional Committee, and saw it as a result of the compatibility of the interests of "guarantors of Astana", therefore the Kurds were excluded

All our efforts aim to strengthen defense system

Aldar Khalil made clear that all the politic, economic and social capabilities in North and East of Syria aim at strengthening the military and defense system of north and east of Syria, especially that the Autonomous Administration is subjecting to serious threats by the Turkish state.