Suleiman Arab: Kurdish National Council is divided within it

Suleiman Arab called on all Kurdish parties, including the Kurdish National Council, to engage in efforts to unite the Kurdish ranks, while criticizing the council's positions far from the interest of the Kurdish people.

Al-Sadat: There is no clan in the region that supports Turkish occupation

One of the Arab clans' notables of al-Sadat clan, Hussein al-Sadat has refuted of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims about the existence of clans that support the plans of the Turkish occupation in northeast Syria, and Sadat called on the Turkish president to name one clan supporting the occupation.

AA chancellor: Constitution must involve areas of N, E of Syria

The advisor of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria stressed that reaching a constitution representing all Syrians should be attended by representatives of peoples and components of administration, noting that their exclusion would violate the social contract represented by the constitutions

kado: If Turkey were rational state, would have followed Ocalan's statements

"If the Turkish state is a rational state, and it takes care of the interests of the Turkish people, it would have followed the proposals of the leader Ocalan," Saleh Kado said, pointing out that the statements of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, especially the recent ones, are to serve the Kurdish, Turkish, Arab, Syric and Persian people and all the peoples of the region.

Luqman Ahmi: Turkey tries to hinder completion of the security mechanism agreement

The Spokesman on behalf the Autonomous Administration has pointed out that understandings about the m security mechanism's understandings did not satisfy the Turkish side for not achieving its stated objectives towards AA's areas. Where he welcomed the return of refugees but rejected the idea and term of resettlement in the administration areas.

Participants in Berlin workshop stress importance of AA for political solution in Syria

She explained that the atmosphere of the discussions that took place in the dialogue workshop held in Berlin was positive and constructive, and explained that the participants stressed the importance of Autonomous Administration and its institutions, and described the attendance as the only spotlight in Syria on which to build a democratic political solution.

Lawyer reveals hypocrisy of Turkish state

The co-chair of the Bar Association of Serekaniye explained that the goal of the Turkish occupation of returning refugees to the north and east of Syria is to change the demography of the region, create sedition and conflicts between the components of the region, and use the refugees as a pretext to intervene in the Syrian affairs.

Arab parties: All components of Syria must be involved in drafting constitution

The Arab parties from Tirbespiyê district pointed to the need to form a constitutional committee to represent all the components of Syria, and to suit the aspirations and sacrifices of the Syrian people for their freedom and dignity. They stressed the importance of starting a national dialogue that would lead Syria to a democratic political process.

Imad Daoud: Syrian Decision under control of Russia, Turkey

Al-Shahba Canton Council's Co-Chair Imad Daoud, said that there are countries that control the Syrian decision, pointing out that the attempts of Turkey and Russia to implement agreements in Idlib in line with their interests collided with the position of the people, referring to the recent popular demonstrations there.

Abu al-Arraj: Idlib, Hamah developments is deal between Russia, Turkey

Abu al-Arraj said that what is happening on the ground in south Idlib countryside and north Hamah countryside is a secret agreement signed in Astana 13, and the goal of the Regime and Russia is to open the Aleppo-Damascus Route and Aleppo- Latakia Route.

Othman: Despite understandings, Turkey is still launching  threats

Amjad Othman believes that the Turkish threats still exist despite the understanding between Turkey and the Syrian Democratic Forces mediated by the United States. He pointed out to the media statements regarding the settlement of Syrian refugees in the safe area has not been approved, and appealed to the people of northern and eastern Syria to return to the region.

Hasso: AKP on the brink of collapse

 The co –chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) said that the Turkish authorities' seizure of the municipalities of north Kurdistan is the result of the failure of Turkey's domestic and foreign policies, noting that the AKP on the brink of collapse.

Abu Al-Arraj :"Turkey lives dilemma in Idlib"

The deputy commander-in-chief of Al-Thewar Army, Ahmed Sultan(Abu Al-Arraj), said that Turkey would be forced to step down from Idlib if it breached its obligations with Russia and Iran under the Astana agreements.