Badran Çiya Kurd: Results of Astana meeting are to camouflage, cover occupation, annexation projects

Badran Çiya Kurd said that the understandings that came out of Astana are to satisfy Turkey, and its results come in the context of camouflage and coverage of its occupational projects. He emphasized that there are thousands of terrorists in the regions occupied by Turkey, saying, "This terrorism and its supporters must be fought instead of walking behind Turkey", indicating that Turkey is the only obstacle to resolving the Syrian crisis.

Naissa: Astana's statement reveals the hostility of these countries to democratic project in Syria

Syrian political analyst Ghiath Naissa pointed out that the statement of the Astana meeting between Russia, Turkey and Iran demonstrated the hostility of these countries to the democratic project proposed by the autonomous administration and said, "The defeat of the project of autonomous administration will mean breaking the back of the Syrian democratic movement for decades, and throwing our country as a prey between the claws of regional and international powers."

​​​​​​​Jurist: Turkey's crimes endangers international security and peace

Jurist, Mohamed Amin Al-Nuaimi explained that the crimes of the Turkish occupation state are punishable by international law. He stressed the need for the international community to initiate an international call against the perpetrators of crimes before the International Criminal Court, as they endanger international peace and security.

Politicians: Turkey aims to revive Ottoman Empire

Two members of the Future Syria Party indicated that the Turkish occupation army is intensifying its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria with the aim of forming a new Janissary army, emptying the areas of its indigenous population, change the demography of the region, and revive the Ottomans in it.

To make Kurdish unity successful.. Kurdish parties must show a sense of responsibility

The head of the Kurdish Tribes Council in Al-Hasakah drew attention to the fact that the Kurdish parties in general are required to show a spirit of responsibility and make concessions to make this rapprochement successful. He said, "Turkey should not be allowed to more occupations, and it is necessary to stand together for the success of the expected Kurdish unity."

​​​​​​​Othman: Parties have to unit to encounter occupation

Member of the Union of Intellectuals in  Al-Hasakah - Al-Jazeera branch, stated that political parties must build a Kurdish national unity and reach a unified vision to confront and stand in the face of attacks by the Turkish occupation, and end the persecution of the Kurdish people.

SDC: attack on Hallinj, another series of fascist regime in Ankara scenario

The Democratic Syrian Council condemned the attack on the village of Hallinj, describing it as one of a series of crimes by the fascist regime in Ankara, from the Kurdistan region of Iraq to the north and east of Syria to Libya and Yemen, calling on international organizations to take immediate and rapid action to curb the devastation caused by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries in the occupied Syrian territories.