Yekiti: KRG, Baghdad must internationalize Turkish attacks

A member of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti) and a party official in Serekaniya called on the governments of Başûr and Baghdad to internationalize the Turkish attacks on the territory of Başûr.

Ghayath Naisseh: Erdogan's regime hostile to freedom of Syrian people

General Coordinator of the Revolutionary Left Movement in Syria, Dr. Ghayath Naisseh, pointed out that the hostility of the Erdogan state and his regime of freedom-seeking Kurds and their behavior as a superpower put it in a bloody wars and conflicts that threaten to collapse.

Politician stresses need to participate MSD in negotiations

Syrian opposition politician Akram al-Dawli stressed that the Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) has taken steps in the right direction and its participation in the negotiation tracks is necessary to achieve better and more comprehensive representation.

Current stage requires mass popular uprising against occupation

A member of the Office of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council-Aleppo branch Fatima Hasino confirmed that the Turkish practices in the occupied areas from Syria "confirms its endeavor to repeat the model of the Iskenderun area in the region, so the current stage requires a popular uprising against the occupation.

"Turkey seeks to export its internal crisis"

The politician Mohammed Saied said that the Turkish occupation state seeks to export its internal crisis out of its borders, pointing out that the main objective of the Turkish attacks on southern Kurdistan is to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people.

Sekko: Not creating a court to try Daesh is a new plot

Abdul Karim Sekko stressed the need to establish a court to try Daesh in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, considering that if these courts are not been established it would be a new plot against the people of the region.

Jurist: Partisan interests facilitated Turkish attacks on Başûr

The lawyer Serousht Halabja, held the Kurdish political party in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) the direct responsibility for the attacks on Başûr saying "The facilitation of Turkish military operations in the region, especially by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), is a good evidence of the partisan interests between the parties."

Syrian opponent: SDC's purpose to establish national harmony

Syrian opponent writer and journalist Alaa al-Katib praised the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) to hold an expanded national conference for the Syrian opposition. He said: "The goal of the Council is a purely Syrian national goal." He stressed that the solution through the channels of the conflicting countries in Syria will not bear fruit.

Hamo: Any military escalation affecting on Syrian settlement

Farhad Hamo pointed out that Idlib file is the hottest in the Syrian file as a result of the gathering of a large number of terrorists in that region, indicating that any escalation affects the political process in Syria.

International expert: AA is most advanced experience in ME

According to international law expert Mahmoud Patel, the experience of the Autonomous Administration(AA) in northern and eastern Syria is the most advanced experiment in the Middle East so far. He explained that it is an example to be followed among the struggling peoples.

French researcher: Liberated areas from IS must be recognized by international society

The French writer and researcher of political philosophy Patrice Franshiski explained that the world must go from political to human rights. He said: "The fundamental task of the international community at this stage is the political recognition and then the rights of the Autonomous Administration in the liberated areas form Daesh grip."

Zanati: Erdogan, his party must be tried as war criminals

Jalal Zanati stressed that the countries of the Middle East in the next stage, "in particular Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Syria must head to the international community to try Erdogan and his party as war criminals."