Abu Juma: The main beneficiary of chaos in al-Bab is Turkish occupation

The General Commander of al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abu Juma said that the Turkish occupation is working to create chaos in the occupied city of al-Bab, which is the first beneficiary of that, stressing that they will continue their struggle until the liberation of all Syrian territory from the Turkish occupation.

Shawkat Barazi: After invasion, demographic change Turkey seeks to annex

A member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria in the city of Serê Kaniyê Shawkat Barazi described the violations of the Turkish occupation on the Syrian territory with a gradual plan that began with the invasion and then the demographic change and now the construction of the walls to annex as it did in Iskenderun.

Barazi: Syria division is Turkey's most important strategic project in region

The member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party said that the wall built by Turkey to isolate Afrin was temporary, and would not succeed to achieve what it aspired against the will of the peoples of the region and the strength of the democratic project proposed in north and east Syria. He added, "The project of dividing Syria is strategic for Turkey, and the Syrian people must stand beside each other."    

Hassan: Kurdish people will prevail

The head of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) pointed out that the resistance of the Afrin residents in al-Shahba is only a message to the world that they will resist until the liberation of Afrin, stressing that the Kurdish people will win.

Ferhad Hamo: What happening in Idlib, Hama resulted from Astana 12

Ferhad Hamo pointed out that "what are happening in Idlib and Hama are the consequences and results of Astana 12," expecting that the military operation launched by the regime forces with Russian support to Idlib was limited. Moreover, He indicated that the bilateral agreements would not bring the solution to Syria.

Politician: Clans' Forum is message to enemies of Syrian territorial unity

Fathallah Hassou said that the Clans' Forum was a strong response to the forces hostile to the territorial integrity of Syria calling for the sedition between the components of northern and eastern Syria, a great step and a message to all forces hostile to the interest of the people, and proved that the people in the north and east of Syria are vigilant of sedition.

Silence of regime arouses doubt about its agreement with Turkey

Saleh Muslim said that Russia and Iran are satisfying Turkey to attract it on their sides, and that the silence of the Syrian regime over the Turkish violations on the Syrian soil raises doubts about whether it has also made agreements with Turkey.

'Turkey seeks to expand its occupation'

Ferhan al-Issa explained that the hostility of the Turkish state to the Syrian people is clear once again after the construction of the occupation wall to separate Afrin from the Syrian territories, stressing that the components of north and east of Syria will face all attempts to occupy Syria.

Mohammed: Syrian regime is responsible for partition of Syrian territory

The co-chair of the Democratic Peace Party, Talal Mohammed, blamed the Syrian regime for the partition of the Syrian territory. He pointed out that the main reason behind the construction of the Turkish occupation of the wall in Afrin lies in procrastination by the Syrian regime and the lack of dialogue with the Syrians opened the borders to regional and foreign states and terrorist organizations.

Barsoum: international community must pressure for activating Syrian political solution

 The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and pressure all parties to activate the political solution in Syria under the auspices of the United Nations, and to implement international resolutions and to ensure the participation of all actors on the ground in committees that may be formed by the United Nations.

Turkey's goal is to expand occupation in neighboring countries

The joint president of Kobani canton's council Marwa Derrei has noted that the Turkish state's hostile policy towards the Kurdish people in not new, alluding that it aims to apply the Ottoman policy to the people of the area and expand its occupation in the neighboring countries.

Bedran Jia Kurd: The visit will be an important step towards a sound political solution

Bedran Jia Kurd, pointed out that their visit was at the invitation of Macron who stressed the intensification of the efforts to make the Autonomous Administration participate in the political process, adding that it was stressed the need to find a formula for the prosecution of Daesh mercenaries, and they also discussed the situation in Afrin and the negative role of the Turkish state in the region, and that this visit will be an important step in toward a sound political solution.

Politicians: Syrian crisis must be solved politically

Tow politicians from Serêkaniyê have demanded to resort to political solution away from the military solution, demanding on all parties to the Syrian-Syrian to hold dialogue without preconditions.

Abu Arraj: Turkey between a rock, a hard place

Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Jaish al-Thewar(al-Thewar Army), Ahmad al-Sultan, known as Abu Arraj described the Turkish position as "difficult and shameful" in Syria. Turkey is now between a rock and a hard place regarding the Russian S-400 system and the US F-35 fighters.