Politicians: Strike is hard proof of peace, fraternity

Politicians stressed that the people would not be fooled by what Turkey was doing in its quest to end the strike process, and explained that the strikers sent a message through the strike that the Kurdish people loved fraternity and peace, and sought freedom for themselves and others.

Vigorous diplomatic efforts, broad openness to AA

Several high-level diplomatic meetings have held recently between the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria and European and international states. Moreover, it is expected that an European delegation will visit the north and east areas of Syria in the coming days.

Abu Juma: The main beneficiary of chaos in al-Bab is Turkish occupation

The General Commander of al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abu Juma said that the Turkish occupation is working to create chaos in the occupied city of al-Bab, which is the first beneficiary of that, stressing that they will continue their struggle until the liberation of all Syrian territory from the Turkish occupation.

Shawkat Barazi: After invasion, demographic change Turkey seeks to annex

A member of the Central Committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria in the city of Serê Kaniyê Shawkat Barazi described the violations of the Turkish occupation on the Syrian territory with a gradual plan that began with the invasion and then the demographic change and now the construction of the walls to annex as it did in Iskenderun.

'Continuing escalation north-west of Syria will direct it towards a holocaust'

A member of the MSD Relations Center in Aleppo said that the continued military escalation in Idlib "could lead to a holocaust as a result of the killing of civilians and the displacement situation," indicating that any political settlement in Idlib must be achieved with international will.

Politician: Turkey's goal of building division wall is obliterating Kurdish identity

A politician explained that the main objective of the construction of the wall in Afrin is to obliterate the Kurdish identity and separate Afrin from its motherland Syria. Erdogan seeks to eliminate the project of democratic self-rule calling for the democratic nation, because this project is a Syrian project that does not fit Turkish ambitions, assuring their party's rejection to the wall.

Building occupation wall to lead to humanitarian disaster

The jurist Ibrahim Sheikho said the continuation of the Turkish occupation in building the occupation wall would lead to a humanitarian disaster. He called on the Syrian regime and the international community to move towards the Turkish violations against the Syrian territories.

Partition wall is disgrace to international community

Political parties operating in the north and east of Syria pointed out that the partition wall being built by Turkey in Afrin "is a disgrace to the international community and a flagrant violation of international laws and the Charter of the United Nations." They called on the Syrian regime to express its position on the Turkish occupation's violations, during a statement.

Turkish state poses danger to world, people are able to repel its polices

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party pointed out that "the Turkish state has become an obstacle in the way of resolving the Syrian crisis," noting that it poses a threat to the entire Middle East, stressing that the Syrian people with all its components are able to deal with the malicious policies of the Turkish state.

Ismail al-Qawas: Turkey is trying to divide Syrian territory

Member of the diplomatic relations committee of the Democratic Union Party(PYD) in Girê Spî canton Ismail al-Qawas said  that Turkey is trying to divide Syrian territory and wants to occupy parts of Syria and revive a new Ottoman empire.

Ahmed Suleiman: A safe area should be established in Afrin

Ahmed Suleiman pointed out that the components of northern and eastern Syria have been able to protect their areas from terrorism. "A safe area should be formed in Afrin canton to protect it from the Turkish state and parties affiliated to it." he said.

"Safe area in N Syria under Turkish auspices absolutely unacceptable"

Sheikh Abd al-Razzaq al-Salem called for the establishment of a safe area in the areas occupied by Turkey instead of calling for a safe area in northern Syria. "Afrin was a safe area under the Democratic Autonomous Administration, but now Turkey occupies it amid a miserable reality, its residents are displaced under tents, what security is the Turkish occupation talking about?