YRA announces martyrdom of memory of free media Seyîd Evran

The Free Media Union (YRA) indicated that the journalist, writer, revolutionary, and truth-seeker, Seyîd Evran was martyred as a result of a heart disease. In honor of him, YRA pledged to escalate the struggle and deliver the truth.

Turkish shelling on Tal Tamr causes power outage

This morning, the Turkish occupation targeted the 66 KV electrical power lines, opposite the village of Um al-Kif, west of the Tal Tamr district, which led to a complete blackout of electricity in the Tal Tamr district.

Commander: Our forces deter Turkish mercenaries in new and advanced ways

A field commander in the Tal Tamr Military Council said that their forces thwarted the attacks by the Turkish occupation mercenaries that were launched since the beginning of this month, and that their forces have become experienced in how to protect against aerial bombardment and deter attacks with new and advanced methods.

Ground bombardment on Idlib countryside, killing 2 people

​​​​​​​Damascus government forces bombed areas in the Idlib countryside under their control with heavy artillery, as a result of which 2 people were killed, while a child and a man were seriously injured.