Russian warplanes again bomb "De-escalation" area

Russian warplanes resumed their bombing of the “De-escalation” area, carrying out 3 air strikes within it, without information being received about human casualties.

3 citizens abducted, forest trees cut down in occupied Afrin

The Turkish occupation mercenaries kidnapped two citizens and a woman in occupied Afrin. They also cut down forest trees in the Shra district and opened real estate offices to trade in the property of the displaced.

Mercenary Abu Halil al-Fadaani is in grip of SDF

The coalition forces, in accordance with the strong partnership between them and the Syrian Democratic Forces, handed over one of the leaders of ISIS mercenaries to the SDF.

​​​​​​​Turkish ambitions and continuing military attacks in Iraq

Turkey takes a hostile approach towards Iraq and works to violate its sovereignty from time to time, without paying attention to strongly worded statements of denunciation, denunciation and protest, which are often met with disregard by the Turkish side, which creates pretexts to continue the shedding of Iraqi blood in various northern regions.

Jurist, sheikh talk about the occupation’s attacks and call for unity against it

A human rights activist and a notable clan from the city of Raqqa confirmed that Turkey wants to expand its occupation and annex Syrian lands, and that it is afraid of the project proposed by Leader Abdullah Ocalan for co-existence and eliminating capitalist systems, calling for unity and expelling the occupier.

Turkey violates international laws about " Right to Hope" law

A human rights activist confirmed that the Turkish occupation state is violating international law by depriving Leader Abdullah Ocalan of the “Right to Hope” law, and stressed the need to intensify legal seminars and popular demonstrations until the physical freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan is achieved.