Mutual targeting in Idlib and Hama

Several villages and towns in the countryside of Idlib and Hama witnessed bombardment and mutual targeting between Damascus government forces on the one hand and Turkish occupation mercenaries on the other hand.

Pedersen: Solution to Syrian crisis remains long way off

The UN envoy to Syria pointed out that the gaps in political will, the divergence in the fundamental positions of the parties, the deep lack of trust, and the international climate are all factors that contribute to the stagnation in the Syrian situation.

Solidarity is only way to repel targeting NE, Syria

The Religious Council in the Euphrates region indicated that the sabotage operations that took place recently in Deir ez-Zor are a dangerous plan behind which some forces stand behind which it is not in their interest for security and stability to prevail in the region, as they played on the tribal tension, calling on the components of the region to rally around their military forces and defend Their gains in the spirit of community.

Thousands bid farewell to bodies of martyrs, Seyîd Evran, Aslan Qamishlo

Participants in the funeral ceremony for the two martyrs, Seyîd Evran, Aslan Qamishlo, stressed holding accountable every traitor who caused the martyrdom of leaders and patriots, and renewed the pledge to bear the arms of every martyr to deliver the July 19 revolution to its goal.